Just One More Hour Please?

Most days anymore I wish I just had a bit of extra time to get more stuff done. I know what you thinking, this is probably a time management issue, and you might be right. I do try my best to plan ahead but there are so many surprise meetings and work emergencies and next thing you know my plan has gone to shit and nothing I wanted to get done, got done.

I have concluded that the problem is the length of the day, not me.Twenty-four hours obviously isn’t cutting it anymore, I need more time. I don’t want much, I don’t need a lot, I swear, I just need one more hour a day, please?

This extra hour would have to fall outside of my work hours, of course. Having a day job is the reason I need the extra hour in the first place.

The extra hour would also have to be before I have to grocery shop, do the dishes, or scoop litter boxes and do the trash. Seems I already have enough time for those things.

The extra hour has to fall in that time period when I can be alone to focus on what needs to get done, for me. I need the peace to feel free to create.

The extra hour has to fall during the time when I have the energy to push myself forward, both physically and mentally. If I am tired, my mind and body can’t do anything, no matter how much I want it to.

Now that I think about it, could I get two extra hours a day? One to rest and one to create. This way I can get the energy I need and transition from the 24 hours that are for everything else into the one hour that is reserved just for me.

Or maybe I need three extra hours, one to rest, one to create, and one to consume. I need more time to read new books, look at more art, and listen to new music. I need an hour to experience more of the world.

Actually, if it isn’t too much to ask, could I have 4 extra hours a day? One to rest, one to create, one to consume, and just one more to take care of myself physically. An extra hour to work out, to walk, to run, to swim, to play a sport, to learn more about rock climbing or karate.

There is so much more I want to do and I have no time to do any of it in. It feels so unfair that I live my life doing little more than working long hours to pay the bills. I only have one life and everyday it feels like I’ve wasted more and more of it. But I guess it is what it is, right? And if I want things to change I have to find a way to change them, right?

And anyway, I don’t think the laws of science can be broken so that I might have that extra time. Bummer.

Original image via https://flic.kr/p/7D76V5


4 Replies to “Just One More Hour Please?”

  1. I feel your pain on this one. A friend of mine says one of her grandmother’s mottos is “there’s time for sleep when you’re dead”, but I’m not sure I want to sacrifice sleep in order to get stuff done, and then be tired the next day (I imagine she’d reply with something like “that’s what coffee’s for!”)


  2. I feel like this ALL of the time. There is simply too much that I want to do, and not enough ability in this body that requires a normal amount of sleep! I’m looking forward to getting older, as the body needs less sleep to sustain itself as the years go by!


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