Just One More Hour Please?

4 thoughts on “Just One More Hour Please?”

  1. There’s a book about this about how to find an extra hour in every day, I’ll have to look it up for you. But most of us feel that way I think. I often regret certain hours I have spent.

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  2. I feel your pain on this one. A friend of mine says one of her grandmother’s mottos is “there’s time for sleep when you’re dead”, but I’m not sure I want to sacrifice sleep in order to get stuff done, and then be tired the next day (I imagine she’d reply with something like “that’s what coffee’s for!”)


  3. I feel like this ALL of the time. There is simply too much that I want to do, and not enough ability in this body that requires a normal amount of sleep! I’m looking forward to getting older, as the body needs less sleep to sustain itself as the years go by!


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