The Week’s End – Interesting ‘A to Z Challenge Reveals’ Edition

Writeonsisters – 3, 2, 1 Blastoff to Stellar Writing 

Get ready for writing tips, rocket ships, and deep space thoughts! Each post will consist of:

  • 3 quick tips on one aspect of writing (i.e. conflict, stakes, narrators, etc.)
  • 2 examples of good technique
  • 1 resource for more in-depth help

By the end of the month, your writing will be primed to take off!

This one got me really excited. As a writer I am constantly learning more and more about the craft and a whole month of tips plus resources sounds really helpful.

Things Matter – LGBT+ Comics Characters

Y’all know me — I’m all about the comics and I’m all about the LGBT+ representation. For my very first A to Z blogging challenge, I’m combining the two. This month will be constructed of an alphabetical list of some of the most awesomely amazing LGBT+ characters in comics!

I am a lover of comic books but I haven’t read as many as I’d like. I didn’t even know there were more than a couple of LGBT+ characters to write about! As a nerd, and a lesbian, I am anxious to learn about them.

World War II – if i only had a time machine

Those of you who have been to my website before, know that outside of the short stories, haikus and flash fiction, my blog’s theme is history.  Although not always serious points in history, I do touch on some very important events that have shaped our world.  One such event that I often write about is the Second World War.  For me, it is near and dear to my heart as my father served in the US Navy during the war.

WWII has always interested me. My father used to watch a lot of History Channel and as a punishment he would force me to watch it with him, either that or Football. History Channel tends to focus a lot of their programming on WWII so I learned a lot over the years, but sadly I have also forgotten a lot. I look forward to the refresher in April!

Hiphop that You Should Be Listening To – infinitefreetime

Each post is going to feature one artist or group, a few other names of artists who that day could have been dedicated to talking about, a bit of information about why you ought to be listening to them, and one video to give you a head start.  I’ve got the posts created already, and am hoping to get all of them written in the next few days.  (Actually, I’m writing this on the 15th, so hopefully by the time you see this, they’ll be done.)

This one just sounds like fun! I’m a fan of hip-hop and am always looking for new music to listen to.

Part Time Monster – Lady Monsters

Part of it is that the monster is often human in some ways, and the humans are often monstrous. Often, our monsters are used-to-be humans. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, Frankenstein’s creature…Some of the most memorable characters in horror, and they’re Us But Not Us.

And those monsters—sometimes they’re women. Sometimes they’re girls. Lady Monsters tell us many things. Sometimes they whisper, and other times they shout. Sometimes they’re so beautiful that they’re terrible, and sometimes they’re just terrible.

This is probably the coolest theme I have seen so far. Lady….monsters….’nuff said!

Sourcerer – #GeekPastiche

I started planning in October for an A to Z Challenge with 12 contributors. It worked. The way we did it was I picked a few topics we write about often, invited some of my geeky friends to take those topics, and once we had enough of them nailed down to be sure we could do this, I invited the other contributors to take the letters that were left.

I had to look up what “Pastiche” meant and I’m still not sure that I know what the theme is but it sounds like it’s going to be interesting none the less. I like this one because there are going to be so many contributors and plenty of opportunity to discover new bloggers.

Bizarre Words Paired with Poetic Forms – Bohemian Nerd

I decided to make my first challenge as nerdy as possible, and I think I’ve achieved just that.

Each day in April, I will post:

  • an unusual word/phrase
  • description of the day’s poetry form
  • an example of the “correct” form (teehee)
  • my poetic creation :D

This theme gets bonus points for being extra nerdy and more bonus points for shock and awe. It looks like a difficult one and I’m interested to see how it’s pulled off. I also want to start learning to write poetry again myself and hope to learn a few things.

If you are participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge, please, drop a link to your reveal in the comments. I am still looking for new blogs to follow and I might even do another roundup if I find a few more. And please, check out the blogs I linked to, most of them I have only just found myself and already I feel very inspired by the writing talent.


3 Replies to “The Week’s End – Interesting ‘A to Z Challenge Reveals’ Edition”

  1. Thanks for the link! Even being super into it myself, I wondered if there would be enough LGBT+ comics characters to write about. I turned out to have too many to choose from! :) Hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear your thoughts if you read any of the books.

    Liked by 1 person

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