Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Jarod Kintz

Colleen, who blogs over at Silver Threading and host the weekly even Writer’s Quote Wednesday, is on a bit of a vacation but I love writing these posts and I couldn’t get through the week without a dose of inspiration so I decided to do a quote post anyway.

This weeks Writer’s Quote Wednesday is dedicated to Jarod Kintz from his book I Want

I usually choose the author first, and then the quote but this one just sort of jumped out at me. I couldn’t find a whole lot of info on Kintz but his Goodreads page does contain his life story in his own words, part of which reads:

“My story is just beginning. I plan on failing my way to success. I have been rejected by literary agents, publishers, MFA programs, all sorts of women. But still I keep writing. 

I have written many “books,” and I use the term books loosely. Mostly they are just compilations of my random thoughts and one-liners. But I like writing them, and people seem to like reading them. and that’s what it’s all about, right?

All my books are self-published, either through iUniverse or the wonderful Amazon Kindle program. I encourage everybody to write. Share yourself with the world. If there is one thing I like to impress upon people, it’s that you can do it, even if you can’t. Just keep can’ting until eventually you can. And you can quote me on that. “

I like this guy already. His book I Want, does seem to have some good reviews and it looks like a short read so I may check it out. I think it is just a collection of his random thoughts and the synopsis only reads “I wanted to write “I Want” because wanting is one of the things I want most in life.” 


“I want to write a poem about “Truth,” “Honor,” “Dignity,” and whether the toilet paper should roll over or under when you pull on it.”

Jarod Kintz, I Want

I like the quote for two reasons. For one, it is National Poetry Month and I plan to get a couple of my own written and posted. I have never been very good at poetry, I often can’t understand it and I for damn sure can’t write it, but I do think it’s interesting and I do want to learn. I like writing and I like expressing myself and while nonfiction is nice, sometimes I want to get deeper and more creative with it. Poetry feels like freedom. Freedom to write whatever you want however you want.

There are rules in poetry but there is no rule saying you have to follow the rules.

The second reason I like this quote is because sometimes writing about which way the toilet paper ought to face is just as deep and important as writing about truth, honor, and dignity. For us humans the everyday can become profound if light is shed on it in the right way. I think a great writer is someone who can shed that light. I think a great writer can get people to stop and think about what the everyday and ordinary really are, which, in the grand scheme of the universe, is extra ordinary and beautiful.

Yes, even toilet paper.

Original image via https://flic.kr/p/gmzo6y


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