B is for Big Bang

16 thoughts on “B is for Big Bang”

  1. It makes me so frustrated and angry to think about where the world came from, because there’s no answer! At least, not one that we know of. It’s hard accepting that there could have been a time before the existence of the universe, or even a time before time… I guess once you come to terms with the fact that you’ll never understand, a beautiful, transcendent feeling can come. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened to me yet! Haha.
    This is a well written and compelling post you have here.


    1. It is incredibly frustrating! I haven’t accepted it either and I think that is why I have stayed interested in Physics and Astronomy over the years. I hope scientists will get at least a little closer to the answer in my lifetime, and when/if they do, I need to know right away!

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  2. I am so fascinated by this subject and excited by the findings of the Large Hadron Collider. Amazing. Thank you for posting this. Coincidentally, re your image, my A-Z subject today is “Butterfly.”



  3. That’s a fascinating fact about the absence of light at the beginning. And I love that picture! Do you mind if I copy it? I love collecting awesome pictures of space to feature on my blog header. :)

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  4. I remember in 4th grade when my science project for the Science Fair was “How Was the Universe Created?”…. I won 4rd place for my description of the Big Bang, but the judge told me it was only because he couldn’t give 1st place to a kid who’s experiment was “I walked around a lot and thought about how the universe could have been created.” Granted, I’m no Jimmy Neutron. ;) Not much to do by way of experimentation, haha.

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  5. That is a beautiful nebula. Yeah, it’s such a niggling question because if there was nothing before, how did the Big Bang happen? I wonder what theories the Large Hadron Collider will come up with!


  6. Wow, it would be pretty interesting if the Big Bang was disproved, mainly because I’d be interested to see what the resulting theories after that would become. Astronomy is so fascinating, thanks for a great post. :)


  7. Extra-ordinary. I didn’t really know much about the Big Bang beyond a few lines. I have tried to search a bit about the first moment – but there is no clear answer. Only conjecture.


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