The Week’s End – A Round-up of Interesting Stuffs

10 Examples of Straight Privilege — The Good Men Project

In spite of increasing acceptance and support for queer people, we still live in a society that affords heterosexual individuals more rights, power, and freedom.

I often have people ask me why it matters so much that gay people are allowed to get married. They just think is a whole lot of effort spent for “a piece of paper”. The fact that you don’t even consider the rights and protections that come along with that piece of paper is a privilege.

“I’m Not Sorry”  Dina Kaplan

I made a vow this month. I’m trying to avoid saying a phrase I repeat far too often: I’m sorry.

I do this too. Every since I was a kid I have apologized for EVERYTHING. I never really thought about it but lately even my girlfriend has said I say it too much. I am afraid of how people will perceive me if I keep this up and I worry it might have a negative impact on my self-esteem. I may just take a vow of no apologies too.

Inspiring Yourself In-between Moments — Creative Something

The artist who paints with her mind while she is away from the canvas is the artist whose brush finds a way when she sits down to paint. A writer who mentally “writes” when he is away from his computer or a pad of paper is the one who has words to put on the page when the time comes to physically write.

I try to do this I swear I do but it’s hard to maintain a focus on writing for so many hours of the day. I think it isn’t easy to be creative all the time, it takes practice, a lot of practice.

Living In A Denver Dream and 
Photo Diary: The Colorado Rockies — The Free People Blog

Upon arriving, I was immediately inspired by the grandiose Rocky Mountain range and the ever-evolving colors at sunset. The fiercely jagged peaks reached so high into the clouds, I couldn’t help but stare in intense wonder.

I just like when people write nice things about my home state :)

9 Tips to Improve Your Writing — Johnny Lists

Writing tips are always good!


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