F is for Falling Stars

17 thoughts on “F is for Falling Stars”

  1. I always plan on going out to see meteor showers but it never happens. Most of the time I end up being in an area that is under cloud cover. This month I won’t be able to even try as I’ll be having surgery on the 16th then recuperating and will have limited mobility. One can always hope that next time will be different.

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  2. Love your posts and I am definitely learning a lot! I’ve got a bit of a fascination with “shooting stars” and always make it a point to watch at least one a year (weather permitting).

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  3. I forget to watch the meteor showers as well. You need to be somewhere it’s very dark. I imagine the Arizona desert would be a perfect spot. Thanks for a really interesting post.

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  4. The Sunday NY Times last weekend had an essay about exploding stars (same as falling?), and how elements in our water and bodies come from those stars, some of which are older than the actual earth. I’m not sure I’m explaining that accurately; this is definitely an area in which I will keep reading your blog and learning. I am discovering just how little I know of astronomy.

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    1. Hmmm I’ll have look for the article and see whether they are talking about meteors (falling stars) or actual stars that have exploded, called supernovae. Both of which have contributed to everything here on Earth, including us. We really are made of star stuff :)


  5. I have so many memories of meteor showers from when I was an adolescent/teenager. I’ve seen a couple from the car while riding on dark country roads, and watched at least one from the roof of the house when I was in high school and then wrote a classroom thing about it.

    I am so loving this theme! AND you wrote a top Ten Tuesday! Yay!

    This is your official A to Z visit from the list. :-)


    1. That’s awesome! I’m planning on watching my first one from my own roof this year, whether it’s the Lyrids this month or another one later in the year.


  6. Thank you for your educational post, which rekindled my love for astronomy. :-) I haven’t seen shooting stars for years. I hope to see a meteor soon.


  7. We cant see many stars in the city due to excessive urban lighting. But I do love to simply stare at whatever is visible .. makes me feel so insignificant. I have seen (and wished) a falling star but still not seen meteor showers. A wonderful theme.. Stopping by via the AtoZ.


    1. Yeah I can’t see much where I am either and I just try to catch the moon and the few constellations I can recognize. But every summer I go camping in the mountains where I can see so much more! Thanks for stopping by :)


  8. My favorite was one I saw out at sea with no light pollution. The ship was running dark and the Milky was so bright it was hard to make out the constellations and asterisms :-)


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