G is for Gravity

14 thoughts on “G is for Gravity”

    1. I knew about the Potsdam gravity potato but couldn’t include it without further lengthening an already long post. The feather in the vacuum chamber I didn’t know about though, thanks for sharing it :)

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    1. Not sure if this question is a serious one or not but I’m a nerd so either way I’m going to answer it :)

      The reason time speeds up as we get older has nothing to do with gravity. Our brains perception of time slows down when we are learning new things or having new experiences. So as kids everything is new and so time always feels slow. When we are older we aren’t learning or doing new things as often and our perception of time speeds up. If you want time to slow down all you have to do is go do new things or simply change you routine every once in awhile :)

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      1. It was both silly and serious. :) Thank you for the answer! Years ago, I read a theory that it was because at 10, 1 year is 1/10th of our lives. At 70, it’s 1/70th. Therefore, we perceive it relative to the whole, and it is a much smaller fraction of our total lifespan and experience. I like your idea, though – it gives me hope for slowing time.


  1. I have always been a lover of the stars. I feel so pulled by how much they universe is unknown. BTW, your my blogger of choice for letter “Z”, so if you have a chance on the 30th, stop by!


  2. Great post! I would be willing to bet that reconciling the two theories will involve understanding dark matter and dark energy. The reconciliation could be that both are wrong and we need a new theory :-)


    1. I agree! I’m no scientist but I wonder if there is something we think we know but are actually really wrong about. I think once we figure out what we don’t know, that we think we know, it will all fall into place.

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  3. You did a great job making the information good and concise! I understand gravity a little more now. Concepts of math, physics, and astronomy tend to confuse me! :)


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