I Woke Up This Morning and I Was 30 Years Old!

I feel fine, really. I mean, I knew this was going to happen, I had plenty of warning. I’m not sad at all and I don’t think my life is over.  In fact I feel quite the opposite. I feel like I can now become the person I have wanted to be all along. At worst I feel nervous and anxious because more than anything I want to do things right in my 30s. I want to start making strides into the future I have been dreaming of my whole life.

I’m not sad to leave my 20s, those years kinda sucked. In their defence it was all the fault of my teen years, which were disastrous. Those years are fully behind me now and I have dealt with and suffered any and all consequences. This last year of my 20s was the best one yet and gives me hope that moving forward things can only get better. I have hope that I can finally move on and do everything I should have done in my 20s, in my 30s. I am honestly excited!

I have this feeling that there are great things waiting for me right around the corner. I think all I have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other until I get there. I never felt like that in my 20s. In my 20s I felt lost. I had no idea which way to go and I was afraid of heading the wrong way so I froze, I stood absolutely still. I don’t feel like I improved much but one thing I did accomplish was figuring out which way to go. Once I did that I also gained a sense of urgency.

I feel more mature and sure of myself now. In my 20s I was basically a teenager with the full rights and responsibilities of an adult. I made a lot of bad decisions simply because I didn’t know any better or because I was scared. I paid my bills late, I got fired from jobs, I treated my significant other badly, I ate terrible foods and drank and drugged, and, worst of all, I didn’t love myself. Now I know better, now I know what is right and wrong, and now I know how to be brave enough to do the tough things.

I have learned to make the right kind of friends. In my 20s I was a social butterfly. I talked to anyone and everyone and they were all my friends. I got hurt many times thinking that someone cared about me or could be trusted. I learned the hard way that not everyone can be your friend. Hell, I had to learn what the word friend even meant! Now I know they are people who have proven they are there for you. They are people who have your best interests at heart. They are people who really do love you and accept you for exactly who you are.

I feel more in love than ever with my girlfriend. I have always loved her but in my 20s I didn’t know how a relationship was supposed to be. I didn’t know how to express my love in the right ways. I didn’t know how to balance me, and us, and her and I didn’t know how to talk about the problems. We got lucky, we both gave the other a second chance to make things right and we have learned how to love each other the right way. I look forward to the rest of my life with the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.

There’s more but the bottom line is everything is looking up and I am happy to move into a new age in my life. I feel like I have shed my old skin and slithered into something new and wonderful, something more fitting and comfortable. I feel like I have all the energy and drive I did before but I have a better brain to match.

For me, turning 30 isn’t the end of the world, turning 30 is the beginning of something great. I feel nothing but hope and positivity at the chance to move forward.


8 Replies to “I Woke Up This Morning and I Was 30 Years Old!”

  1. :D Happy Birthday. May the 30s be everything you hope they will be.
    (Now, it would have been a real blog headline blow out if ***I*** could have truthfully written that I woke up 30 today. :) )


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