If We Were Having Coffee – I Would Have So Much To Tell You!

I am so sorry we haven’t gotten together for coffee in a while. I have been so busy lately but I promise I never forgot about you and I very much would rather have sipped a vanilla latte with you then doing a lot of the stuff I had to do. Gosh, so much has happened I hardly know where to begin.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my work has gone insane. You see a few months ago there were some big management changes announced and ever since then my work life has not been very good. My new boss wants more efficiency, I agree with him there, but he seems to be punishing me, and my other team members for the way things were run before.

In his defense we didn’t get our work by the deadline, in our defense more work was thrown at us then was planned for. So my team is doing the right thing and getting our shit together. We have a big meeting today were I am sure the bosses are going to get in our asses, but we can show them that we have a full week scheduled and we should finish the work by the middle of next week.

If we were having coffee I would say that speaking of work, I have, for the first time, made a real work enemy. One of the members of my team is the type that has to do everything different and argue about every decision, even when the rest of the team is already in agreement. She is also an instigator and a general trouble maker.

Last week I was handling a delicate issue between two other employees and this particular team member stepped in and got one of the employees riled up. This created an issue that I didn’t want to be involved in, so when my boss asks me what happened I tell the truth and my team member gets in trouble. BUT instead of just taking responsibility for what she did, she instead targets me and plots with yet another employee to get me in trouble because my girlfriend is one of my bosses.

FYI: There is no rule that we cannot work together.

Anyway, so I go back to my boss and I’m like “WTF?”. He is already tired of this team members shit so he kicks her off the team. She blames me, she talks crap about me, she unfriends me on Facebook, and she didn’t show up to work on Friday. Part of me feels bad, part of me is glad, part of me is angry, I’m all messed up over this.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that there were some recent additions to my collection of pets recently. For one my snake finally arrived. She is really cool and cute (as far as snakes go) and a bit quirky too. I have decided to name her Ava and she is my favorite thing. Well, she was my favorite thing, until I walked into Petsmart last Saturday and feel in love with a super cute Heeler mix puppy!!!

We took the night to sleep on it and when we woke and we still wanted the dog so back to Petsmart we went. Unfortunately the puppy was back at her foster home so we couldn’t take her home right then and there. Instead we will get her this evening after work. If you want to see pics of all my pets you can find them on my Instagram.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that despite all the work I have to do this week I am going to do my best to get back to blogging on a regular basis. I will still be sporadic for a little while but I am here and I am trying, I swear. I am very far behind in my A to Z posts but I am going to post them anyway. I’m no quitter and anyway I really enjoy writing them. If you are still following along I thank you very much.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I had better go, I have to get to work or else the before mentioned boss is going to have words with me, and I don’t need anymore issues.


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