P is for Pluto

8 thoughts on “P is for Pluto”

  1. I’m not as devastated by Pluto’s demotion as many others seem to be. It’s not like Pluto went anywhere. It’s still out there. It still exists. It will continue to exist. And now it has a special designation, a place different from the other bodies we study in our solar system. It’s special in its own way.


    1. You’re right….but it’s sad not to see it in the models drawn up in the text books. It was there when I was a kid and now it’s gone :'(


  2. There’s every chance that Pluto will be re-elevated to planet status. As I understand it, there had been an earlier attempt to develop a different definition that would have kept Pluto a planet. In the end, only 424 members of the IAU, out of about 10,000, actually voted for the definition of ‘planet’ that led to the demotion of Pluto. The vote was passed with a majority of 80. So it could come up again. From the scientific perspective, it’s not a wonderful definition. I think the main problem is that it tries to over-classify what is actually quite a range of diverse objects across the solar system.


    1. Oh that would be great! I agree that the definition isn’t perfect for the same reason you stated, there is quite a bit of diversity among planets and the current definition may prove to be too narrow.


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