Monday Motivation – Had a Rough Start but I’m Still Trying

It’s Monday again and while I’m trying my best to get my ass in gear and get motivated I’m having a terribly tough time.

This week I’m going to try to prepare for my days in advance. Getting ready for work today did not go as planned and I ran late which put me in a bad mood. I don’t want to continue that tend for the next four mornings so before bed every night I need to pick out my clothes, get my food for the next day ready, and get everything I need to get through the day, such and books, keys, and charger cords, in my bag so I’m not searching for them in the morning.

This week I also have to find more time for myself so I can read, write, and draw. I’ve let this blog go a bit and I have a lot of projects sitting on the back burner that need to be worked on before I lose interest. I’m losing track of my writing ideas and my drawing skills need work. My brain needs replenishing and my creative muscles need a work out. My day job will just have to give a little.

This week I have to take care of my home. I’m horrible at chores and my house had become a cluttered mess. I can’t function in that much chaos. So every afternoon when I get home I need to spend 20 or 30 minutes organizing and cleaning, then I can work on my projects.

And finally this week I am going to start watching what I eat more. My diet isn’t the most unhealthy but it could use some improvement. More natural foods rather than processed crap and more water and unsweetened matcha, finely ground green tea leaves. Less sugar is the main goal which I hope will help with the sluggishness and food cravings.

So those are the goals this week, preparation, organization, creativity, and healthiness. It’s a lot but think I can handle it! What are your goals this week?


2 Replies to “Monday Motivation – Had a Rough Start but I’m Still Trying”

  1. Keep plugging! My goals are to finish my marketing plan for my new book. Write 4-5000 more words for the book. Wrap up getting the website fine tuned after the re-host and go visit my dad in Tennessee this weekend.


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