Writer’s Quote Wednesday – William S. Burroughs

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – William S. Burroughs”

  1. Lisa, I have missed your wisdom! Welcome back! And, what a quote you picked! Well done. I never thought about writing like that. It is a great visual of a collage of words. That paints a pretty picture. <3


  2. There’s no question in my mind about the importance of the beat generation writer to the shape of the field in the twentieth century. The onus on writers to do ‘the same but different’ has always been an issue. The question is how to find the balance between ‘different’ and ‘inaccessible’. I always thought Kerouac pushed that limit with ‘On The Road’. Today I think that ‘familiar yet innovative’ thrust is still as essential as ever, perhaps the more so given the way the web and social media have changed the nature of the field.


    1. Totally agree here. I haven’t read “On the Road” but I will be adding it to my list. I actually think that as the web and social media has changed it has made it easier for writers and artist to do things that are ‘familiar yet innovative’. Take Twitter and Vine for example. I have seen a lot of people take comedy to a whole other level that just wasn’t possible before using a media that greatly limits the length of time given to express thoughts. It’s not that the jokes are new, it’s just that they are being told in a different way. It’s simply amazing to me :)


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