For Fucks Sake Lisa, Just Write Something!

It’s been days since I put together anything more than a few sentences and every one of those days I told myself I would try again, and then I didn’t.

Instead I cleaned the dishes, I went for a run with the dog, I watered the plants, I did everything except type more than a few sentences.

Sitting here trying to think of something to say and drawing a blank makes me feel like a failure. It shouldn’t be this hard should it? I feel like I thought I was something I wasn’t and the truth has been quite disappointing.

I’m no writer, and worse I am a procrastinator. This makes me want to write even less. I mean, why even bother?

Then again maybe being a bad writer is better than not being a writer at all? Maybe I should sit down everyday and type up a nice steaming pile of shit to post? It’s better than nothing right? Right?

So here I am, on the first day of my new goal, I am calling “For fuck’s sake Lisa, just write something, even if it’s crap!”. I think so far I am doing well because this definitely feels like crap.

Maybe if I write crap every day it will become a little less crappy, or at least I will learn to enjoy it again without focusing on the crappiness of it all. We shall see, but for now, I am just trying to put together more than a few sentences.


5 Replies to “For Fucks Sake Lisa, Just Write Something!”

  1. It’s quite alright. Keep what you post, even if you don’t think it’s cogent, or “good.” You may be able to extract from some of these posts and turn them into something bigger. I learned this when beginning the draft to my memoir. It’s interesting, what you can make out of some things.


    1. Yes! I have been thinking that even if I write a post and I don’t like it I don’t have to post it right then, I can step away from it and either edit it, rewrite it, or extract the good parts to use for something else. The point is to focus on creating a writing habit (again) then working on writing better :)

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  2. I reckon most bloggers go through this at some stage.
    Sometimes I’ll start a draft, and then think that it’s too insignificant to share, or think that it’s going to be a rambling mess. Most of the time, these drafts end up in the trash, but there are days when I just don’t care who reads or judges it, and I’ll post it anyway.


    1. Lol most of mine are of the rambling mess kind. I start out writing about one thing and by the end I feel like I’ve gone and changed the subject on myself. I think I am going to start posting them anyway too. It’s my blog I can do whatever I want, right? :)

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