Monday Motivation – Tuesday Edition – Be Tough!

6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Tuesday Edition – Be Tough!”

    1. Thank you. Things are improving around here but it’s agonizingly slow improvement. Which, I suppose, is better than no improvement at all. At least I know there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

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  1. Everyone has down days or weeks. I find that it helps me to talk about it and hopefully understand why I have the feeling that I do. Sometimes it takes a few days to get it sorted out and then start correcting or changing whatever it is.

    You are a positive person so I know things will get better for you soon!


    1. Thank you! I do my best to stay positive but old habit have a way of coming back when your defenses are down. I think my main problem is I haven’t been getting enough sleep which makes everything seem so much worse than it really is. I’h hoping by recognizing the problem and talking it out with my friends I can find a way back :)

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        1. Yeah I’m learning that. I am trying to drink more water and I have stopped drinking coffee every day so that has contributed to my crappy feelings. It’ll get better though :)

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