Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Jane Austen

13 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Jane Austen”

  1. Good for you Lisa, to keep up with your writing. I must say if you can take a creative writing class at a community college, do it! I gained so much more confidence in college because I had to express my thoughts in a cohesive manner. It was so fulfilling. This is a great quote from a great author. I missed you last week. Glad you are back! <3


    1. Thank you! I am glad to be back :)

      I have thought about that, just taking a class or two to see if there is more I can learn or at least get some direction, but full on college is a no.

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  2. My quote this week was by Austen too! A great world awaits you when you start reading her. She’s like a friend to help you smile through many uncomfortable, awkward situations. I would suggest the absolutely delightful series Emma(2008) as a great and very faithful film to her book of the same name to begin with. Personally, I think Sense and Sensibility is a book every young girl and woman should read. It is both realistic and delightful about love. As a book, best place to start is Pride and Prejudice. There are many classic adaptations but nothing compares to the book for me. And yes, reading her and stepping into her world will help you reconcile with nearly all inadequacies in life and love you think you possess.


    1. Thanks for the tips! I feel bad I haven’t read any of her work but in my defense I thought they were mushy, girly novels. I will definitely be starting with Pride and Prejudice and sooner rather than later I hope :)

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  3. Writing is like a lot of other hands-on type jobs where you can learn as you go. You can learn all the rules and all the grammar at school, but to actually write well, you have to write. And write. And write. And school really doesn’t help with that.

    I’d recommend starting a Jane Austen read with Pride and Prejudice. It’s the most well-known and easiest to get into. Some of the others require a bit more patience. I loved Emma, but hated the first few chapters.


    1. See that’s what I am thinking, writing is a learn-as-you-go type job. I plan to start with Pride and Prejudice then move on to Sense and Sensibility. I wasn’t sure what to read after but I think I will try Emma since you enjoyed it :)


      1. My three favorites are Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion.

        Northanger Abbey is fun, but you have to know first that it’s a satire on the young women who were into the gothic novels of the day. There’s a great movie version of Mansfield Park that takes some liberties with the book. Fanny is cooler in the movie than she is in the book. Stronger. She’s a little wallflower in the book.

        I’ve never been fond of Sense and Sensibility. My problem is I don’t like Marianne, the Sensibility sister.

        Years ago I got a compilation that had all the finished novels. I still have it somewhere…


  4. Hi. Great quote and one you obviously relate to. I’ve done an evening class in creative writing, no MA, but I would love too! Just too expensive for me, and where would I find the time to blog if I did? So not for me at the moment, I just write and hope it will be good enough. One of the things I would really recommend is joining a writer’s group to share ideas, and critique each other’s work. Well worth doing.


  5. Hi,
    I know Silver Threading and Send Sunshine. I agree with what you wrote. That’s the beauty of the Internet. I’m Janice from Reflections. Thank you so much for following my blog. Welcome to Reflections!


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