Monday Motivation – Quitting Smoking (Again) and a 30-Day Challenge

3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Quitting Smoking (Again) and a 30-Day Challenge”

  1. I’m so proud of you, too! I don’t think you’re “weird” at all (then again, “weird” isn’t always a bad thing – in my family, it’s a compliment, so in that sense – okay, you’re weird). Seriously, good job on the driving progress. We’re getting there, too. :)

    As for the smoking, I’m a big believer in “you’ll quit when you truly WANT to.” Here’s what worked for me (no kidding, the title’s a click-bait joke, but it goes to my personal blog and the suggestion’s serious): See? What’d I tell you. It’s fine to be a little weird.

    If this message doesn’t end up floating around in your spam bucket, I’ll be very surprised – hope you find it. LOL


  2. Good on you for taking on these challenges!
    I think it’s especially awesome that you’re quitting smoking, and that you have a quit buddy to support you :) Not sure how it is where you are, but where I am, pharmacists can offer a lot of support/help with the quitting process too (and not just by supplying nicotine replacement!)


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