Trading One Sense for Another

What if you could give up one of your senses for super sensitivity in another? Which would you choose to give up? Which would you choose to gain? I read this prompt from the Daily Post and I barely had to think, I immediately knew the answer.

I would easily give up my sense of smell in order to have a better sense of sight.

I feel like my sense of smell is pretty sensitive now. I often smell things before those around me and the smells are usually unpleasant. I smell skunks, and trash trucks, and my dog when she comes in from the rain, ugh. I smell the sewer back-up at work, other people’s body odors, and a co-worker’s bad breath. I hate smelling bad smells. I actually get angry about it, especially if the smell is coming from a person!

I would give that all up in a heart beat and never miss it at all. Well, there is one smell I would miss and I’m not even sure what it is. I smell it here when spring is turning into summer. I smell it on the light breeze and it’s gone before I can ask the person next to me if they smell it too. It’s a flower, I’m sure of that, but it smells very, very sweet. It is my very favorite smell and whenever I smell it I stop and take in as much as I can.

I have never been able to figure out what it is exactly, no one I have asked seems to know. I would miss the mystery as much as that sweet smell itself should I ever lose my sense of smell one day.

Oh but to gain more sensitivity in my sight would be amazing. For one I wouldn’t have to wear these stupid glasses anymore. Sure, they look good on me but I have always felt that they were never a full correction for my deficit in sight. Glasses give me a very close approximation of normal human sight, but it isn’t the same. Real eyes never get cloudy with fingerprints and hair product and they don’t get covered in minute  scratches over time.

My lenses are at their best the first day I get them, then it’s all downhill from there for another year or two until I get another pair.

More than that, I’d hope by giving up my sense of smell I could get even better that the average human sight. I’d like to see better than 20/20, I’d like to see the world the way cats or owls do. I’d like to see every detail of the world around me. I’d like to detect the smallest movements in the distance. I’d love to see better in the dark, almost as well as I do in the day.

I’d like to be able to see more colors too. I’d love to see into the ultraviolet range like butterflies do, or into the infrared like boa and pythons.* I bet the world would look so different, so much richer. The most beautiful flowers made even more interesting by the pattern on their petals that no human can see. There are probably a ton of bugs and animals that glow bright in the UV spectrum. Can you image what they might look like at night?

So yeah, to give up my sense of smell for a better sense of sight is an easy-peasy choice to make. I wouldn’t have to deal with things that stink and I would gain a whole world of light that I have never experienced before.

Image by Allan-Hermann Pool (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


One Reply to “Trading One Sense for Another”

  1. Interesting topic. I’d have to think harder for mine. I sort of like the equilibrium of my senses, and I love my sense of smell (smell is so connected to taste after all!) that I’d be upset to lose any of them. Of course for my chosen profession, sight is the most important, but I think I’d rather keep them all the same than make one better and one gone!

    Great post. :)


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