Write Drunk, Edit Sober?

4 thoughts on “Write Drunk, Edit Sober?”

  1. This was a great post, and yes, I have done the same thing, except my writing is not good at all in that condition! LOL! How interesting that the mystique surrounding Hemmingway is still rooted in all those old notions. I love his writing. Deep and majestic, like the man. Thanks, Lisa! Well done! <3


  2. I like to think of “write drunk” to mean more than just “write while under the influence of alcohol.” I’m reminded of some of Bradbury’s writing advice about writing with “Zest and Gusto”… you can be “drunk” on many things, including more esoteric things like an idea or concept. :)
    That said, I sometimes enjoy a glass of wine while I’m writing!


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