If We Were Having Coffee – A Rough Week but a Good Week

Hello there! I cannot tell you how happy I am you have stopped by. I am in desperate need of both an ear to vent to and a large cup of coffee.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that this past week has been a bit stressful. Unfortunately I have zero ability to cope with even the tiniest bit of stress, which means I have been quite emotional and depressed. I am trying my best not to do what I usually do, which is to shut down completely and do nothing at all. It make no sense I know. Like, instead of taking some action to solve my problems I just lay up on my couch, eat ice cream, and watch Netflix. I tried not to do that but it ended up being exactly what I did.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that things at my job are getting worse. I hate complaining about my job but it’s hard when I used to love it so much and now I dread walking through the front doors.

You see I have this new boss who is trying to make the place run more efficiently but in the process is taking away all of the perks of the job and sucking all the fun out of the place. Now all we are left with is the boring parts and less hours and less money. I try to tell him that he has a good group of people and he should try to let somethings go so that we all feel happy to come to work. He just tells me no other business run this way so we shouldn’t either.

The thing is we aren’t the kind of business that has customers walking in and out. We drive, or aid drivers, on a school bus! More specifically, at our particular terminal, our business is to care for special needs children. We aren’t heartless corporate assholes. We are the type of people that like to have fun and be silly and do things a different way because that is what our job requires.

Our job is also stressful. These kids can be a handful, or they can have heartbreaking conditions, it helps to have a good work environment to help us cope with the emotional toll we carry from the kids. There was nothing wrong with us running things differently and allowing people to treat work as a second home. We are all friends and we felt like a team but the new boss makes the terminal a place you don’t want to be and it makes you care about the job less. Just sayin’.

If we were having coffee I would also tell you that it is becoming clearer and clearer that despite my work history and that of my teams, our new boss just doesn’t like us. I believe he is punishing us for being younger than him. By that I mean we were all part of Generation Y, or 80’s babies. Generation Y people see no reason why life has to suck just because it has always sucked.

We see no reason work can’t be fun. We see no reason why we can’t have piercings and tattoos and dress however we want if the work is getting done. We see no reason why we can’t expect to work full time and we don’t take kindly to be talked down to. My boss thinks we are all just big babies who need to grow up. We are 30 years old dammit! We aren’t children, we just see that things can be done a different way!


If we were having coffee I would have to change the subject, this is getting me all riled up and pissed off.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that there was some good things that happened last week too. Our very favorite movie theater has a regular date night event where they pair a movie with a fancy dinner. This past Tuesday we got to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and eat a fancy four course seafood meal paired with some tasty, and quite strong, drinks. Not only that but the critic Matt Zoller Seitz was there to present the movie and answer questions about Wes Anderson and his movies. It was a pretty awesome night.

We also saw the new Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World, and it was AMAZING! I recommend you go see it right away, trust me on this.

We also have an opportunity to get a cabin in the mountains for a few days in early June. We’ve never done anything like that before and I am so excited! The only problem is the guy hasn’t called us back to confirm anything and I am starting to get a little worried. I have a feeling we won’t be going and I am going to be very disappointed.

This summer we have been trying to have as many date nights and take as many trips as we can. We want to spend some quality time together and start to enjoy our lives. We have been together a long time and I noticed that lately we spend a lot more of our time at work and when we aren’t at work we bring our work home. We don’t want to live like that and we are tired of missing each other.

I have to say I’m pretty excited

If we were having coffee I would tell you that this upcoming week is going to be a strange one for me. My girlfriend is going to be out of town for four days for some work thing and I am really, really sad about it. I know four days doesn’t sound like very long but we have never been apart for more than a night here and there in almost 13 years. 13 years!

I think I have developed serious separation anxiety in that time because my friends keep telling me I should be looking forward to this but instead I am just sad to be in this house without her.

My plan is to clean the house from top to bottom and take the dog on a lot of loooooong walks. I have to stay busy or I will go crazy. I know, I know, I’m being a big baby but I can’t help it. I am aware that it is only four days and I know I will survive this, it’s just kinda scary for me. I don’t even know how I am going to be able to sleep without her in the bed with me. I figure I’ll just end up spending my nights on the couch with the dog.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that there is so much more I could tell you but I think I may have rambled on too long already. I won’t bore you with anymore of my issues. I’ll only say I do hope you had a good week and weekend too.

And thank you for stopping by, I needed this.


One Reply to “If We Were Having Coffee – A Rough Week but a Good Week”

  1. Ugh, work changes can be brutal — especially if they don’t make sense AND result in less hours/money. I think there are some people out there who have a certain idea of how things “should be” or “usually are” that are unaware of the way other places really work…. The corporate model doesn’t work everywhere, and I think it is shifting and changing.


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