Late Night, Empty House Musings

5 thoughts on “Late Night, Empty House Musings”

  1. Living alone can be the most difficult thing to do. I always have my ears up, extra alert, imagining things I know are NOT happening. You might try distracting yourself to pass the time. I put on a chat show or something dependable to watch and forget how I’m feeling.


    1. I was just alone for a few nights, I have no idea how people can live alone but maybe you get used to it. I’ve lived with my girlfriend for about 11 years so I was not used to it at all. I spent a lot of time watching documentaries lol

      She’s back now though and I feel much better :)

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  2. And then there are those of us who are okay with the alone and like the quiet. Talking out loud is good when no one is going to judge what one says. But it’s an acquired taste.


    1. Yeah I have friends like that and they do not understand why I hate being home alone. I don’t think it is a taste I will ever aquire. Luckily I was only on my own for a few days lol


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