A Historic Day For Love!

I can hardly believe it! I never thought I would see the day same-sex marriage was made legal NATIONWIDE but it’s has finally happened. I was supposed to spend the day cleaning my house but instead I am reading news story after news story about the historical Supreme Court ruling and browsing reactions on social media.


I found out earlier this morning when my girlfriend logged into Facebook and saw a story from The Huffington Post about it. She showed it to me and we both just stared at it in disbelief. It felt so surreal that my mind just sort of seized up. I quickly grabbed my phone to check my Facebook feed and there it was, post after rainbow post declaring marriage equality the law of the land.

I am just about in tears over this!

To be honest I’m pretty shocked by it too. It just doesn’t feel real. I just never really thought this would happen in my lifetime. These past few years progress has come slow and steady, and there was hope but I feared any day all of it could be undone. But now, all at once, we have taken one giant leap forward. It’s history in the making people.

We aren’t out of the woods yet. There are still a lot of hateful people out there who will fight this and try to undo our progress. Some of those people are politicians, and some are even hoping to be our next president. My hope is that in a few months things will die down a bit. Everyone will see that it really isn’t a big deal and then we can all move on.

You watch, in a few years no one will even be arguing about it anymore. No one will care anymore because nothing will have changed. We have to fight just a little bit more to make sure America doesn’t take a step back because we are afraid of change.

But for now let’s celebrate, we won a major victory today!


Long Live Love :)


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