Yeah I Write For Me, but I Write Well For You

3 thoughts on “Yeah I Write For Me, but I Write Well For You”

  1. This is kind of similar to my blogging evolution. I started my blog because I wanted a creative/emotional outlet, and I like writing, so it made sense. I still write more for myself than for others/readers, but these days I read a lot more blogs and comment more often too.
    I appreciate bloggers who write honest and sometimes quite personal posts; and I appreciate that sometimes in doing so, structure/punctuation/etc may slip a bit. But that’s ok :)


    1. I am trying to read more blogs and comment too but sometimes I just don’t have much time and writing has to come first. I’m working on it though because it is important to appreciate the work of other’s, especially those who inspire you. I try my best to write well as a service to my readers but in times of impassioned free writing I have made mistakes. I correct what I can and try not to fret about what I might have missed :)

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  2. Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!! I totally agree that we should always write honestly, intellectually honest that is, not merely trying to get followers (you know, they’re called politicians…) but true to what we perceive to be true, and willing to entertain discussion when disagreed with, giving space to ourselves and others for reconsideration of viewpoint. BUT ALSO, I appreciate your thoughts on clarity, brevity, and the importance of a certain disciplined skill set in our communication with others. AND BECAUSE OF THAT, new follower here. Thanks again!


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