If We Were Having Coffee – It’s America’s Birthday, and My Nephew’s Too!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am super excited that it’s the 4th of July. Most people are surprised to find out that I am actually very patriotic. I love my country very much even though we are constantly messing up left and right. I look at this country like I would a teenager. She thinks she knows everything but she makes the worst decisions. She also thinks she’s invincible and she’s quick to anger and aggression. BUT her antics are slightly amusing and I can see there is there is potential for her to grow up into a great country one day.

Despite all of our problems we ought to remember that in this world being born an American is a great privilege. Not that we are the best at everything but most people here, even those in minority groups, have a vast amount of rights and we do have more opportunities than most.

Plus there are some things that America does do better than anyone else. We are incredibly diverse, we have some awesome food, we love our sports, we love our music, and our country has some of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. We are an optimisic bunch that knows how to work hard and party harder. We are home to some of the greatest minds, like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mark Twain, Alexander Graham Bell, and many, many more.

We might not always be the best country in the world but we want to be. We are still trying to figure out how. Be patient with us, we’ll get there I know it.

If we were having coffee (a caffè Americano perhaps?) I would tell you hat today is also my nephew’s birthday! He’s definitely my favorite kid in the whole world (although his little sister is a close second and catching up fast) and I hope he has a wonderful day today. unfortunately we won’t be celebrating his birthday today, instead we’re all getting together next weekend.


I can’t believe he is growing up so fast. He didn’t like me so much when he was a baby but as he has gotten older we have gotten closer. I want to start spending more time with him, and my niece, but I have a serious lack of free time. I want us to be close though and I am going to start having to make the time as he gets older. I’d like to take him to the movies or shopping, or to the park on a more regular basis.

He’s my parents first grandchild, just like I was, and we all think is amazing. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s caring, and he’s also got a whole lot of sass. He says the most unexpected things and has left all of us speechless on more than one occasion. The thing I love most about him though, is how encouraging he has been to me, in his own kid way. He once told me “Lisa, you can do these things if you try”, for some reason that really stuck with me.

When a little kid says it carries much more weight than if it comes from an adult. I know he said it because he meant it, not just to make me feel better. I know it sounds strange but it was very uplifting to hear him say it. I love that kid so, so much.

I’m going to call him soon to say happy birthday soon. I want him to know I didn’t forget him and that I can’t wait to celebrate. I also want to figure out what kind of gift to get him before it’s too late.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I had better go. I am on a mission to complete my housework and errands before finding a place to drink and watch some fireworks tonight. I hope you all had a good week  and continue to enjoy your weekend.

And for my American readers:



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