Zen and Pi: The Hits According to You

Good bloggers check their stats regularly and adjust scheduling and post types accordingly, at least that is what I have been told. I must confess, I am not one of those good bloggers. I check my stats here and there but only because I like the watch the “views” and “likes” count go up. They go up quite slowly but they do go up and it is exciting.

I never thought much about what posts my readers may have liked the best or connected with the most because, for one, I wouldn’t adjust my blogging habits much, and two, even my most viewed, liked, and commented posts have some pretty depressing numbers. Why would I put myself through that?

But today I did just that. I looked at the past year and a half or so of posting and pulled together a little list of what has attracted the most people my little corner of the internet. What I found out surprised me a little.


Besides my About page, which has more views than any other post or page on this blog, my most viewed post is a confessional one. I wrote about the fact that I have never learned to drive because I was too afraid. I’m not sure why this post has been viewed so much but my guess is because I tagged it under “fear”.

A lot of people are afraid of a lot of things and I think we are all looking for help with that. I wonder if people search for information of fears and come across the title I’m 29 Years Old and I Never Learned to Drive and want to know how that happens. Either that or there are others who like me never learned to drive. If so I wish they’d comment more and let me know.

My other most viewed post is a sort of review I did of the new Cinderella movie titled Have Courage and Be Kind. The movie had just been released, plus I tagged it under “Monday Motivation”, which always gets me more views. Mondays are always a good blogging day.


The post that has the most likes, again, besides my About page, is my theme reveal for the Blogging A to Z Challenge back in April. My theme was Astronomy A to Z and while I didn’t finish it (I will eventually I promise!) most of my posts did very well.

I mainly chalk it up to this being such a big event and I did tag my post well. Every one involved was encouraged to visit other blogs and many stopped by mine while making the rounds. I think everyone is intrigued by the cosmos and many people decided to give me a like and a follow to learn more.

My second most liked is one I am pretty proud of. It’s a poem I wrote in response to The Daily Post’s Writing 201: Poetry course.  The word prompt was water and the form was Haiku. I really took my time and came up with one this which I call, Be Water:

I wake up like ice
Then struggle to find my flow
Be water, not steam!

Again, it was an event and I tagged well but I also think most writers like poetry and people seemed to think I did a good job. I think I did too.


The post with the most comments goes to my first post in the aforementioned Blogging a to Z Challenge, A is for Astronomy. Just like the theme reveal I think it was mainly due to it being such a big even and because it was the first day there was a ton of excitement and people rushing to visit as many blogs as possible.

I also think a lot of people just found the theme interesting.

Interestingly, I found an option in the stats that show you what your best day for comments was mine was April 2nd of this year. That day I posted twice. I did my second day of the Blogging A to Z Challenge, B is for Big Bang, and another poem, a pantoum actually, called “Because You Feel Like Summer“.

I’m pretty proud of that poem too.

For me commenting shows the greatest amount of connection with a reader and I think being involved in a big blogging event and writing something heartfelt really made people want to spark up a conversation with me. I hope to do more of that in the future.


Another big way to gauge connection with a reader is to see what people are sharing with their own friends and readers. Not a lot of my stuff gets shared a lot without me actively sharing it first and then it getting retweeted (it’s usually on Twitter that this happens) from me.

My biggest day for shares was a Weekend Coffee Share I did back in March. That day discussed moving on from February and marked the 1 Year Anniversary of my blog. I think it was shared so much because it was part of a weekly event and it was a milestone for me. Bloggers like to congratulate each other on their milestones, especially in the beginning.

My second biggest day for shares was a post I did for the first 1000 Speak for Compassion event titled Compassion for the Less Fortunate, for the Undeserving, and for Yourself. I enjoyed writing that one even though I don’t consider it to be my best work. I felt like it was a really nice event and I was glad to be a part of it.

Bonus surprisingly popular post:

Back in the very beginning of this blog, maybe a few months in, I posted about my amazing girlfriend and her ability to cheer me up just by reminding me how much she loves me. I titled the post My Prince Charming is a Princess after an image I had found on Pinterest.

The reason I included it in this post is because while it isn’t the most popular, nor has it gotten the most comments, it is the post that is still viewed regularly well after it has disappeared down the feed. It doesn’t get many likes or comments but people find it while searching for the phrase and they do read it.

I guess there are a lot of lesbians out there looking for a way to tell people they have found their own Prince Charming, only he is not a he but a she.

I may revisit it and try again now that my skills have improved. It’s an important post and I liked being able to write something about the person I love. I think she deserves for me to write it better now that I can.

So what did I learn by doing all of this? I learned that joining blogging events helps engage others and attract them to your writing. I also learned the writing creatively and writing from the heart are important too. People want to relate to the feelings of others and they do that through reading.

They also want to know you are a real person too, and when they know you are they want to know more.

NaBloPoMo July 2015
In response to July NaBloPoMo prompt: Which post have people connected with the most on your blog?


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