The Week’s End: The Sunday Edition

Every weekend I like to share with you the most interesting things I found across the great, wide web. This week I’ve got some blogging advice, a compliment club, a fight club, some signs you are succeeding, and a very moving story you have to read. Enjoy!

Thinking Bigger With Your Blog – JENNYPURR

Here’s to thinking bigger and making exciting things happen with our blogs!

I have been thinking more and more about what the step after “start a blog” is for me and I honestly haven’t come up with much of an idea of what to do next. For me going from blogging to creative work looks like:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Write stuff
  3. ?????????
  4. Profit!

This podcast really got me thinking about what the next step is. I ended up listening to it twice and taking about three pages worth of notes. If you are trying to work out the next step too I highly recommend giving this a listen! Afterwards head to her blog (I linked to it above) where she wrote out all the steps into nice, digestible chunks.

The 7 Rules of Compliment Club – Joy the Baker

COM•PLI•MENT // noun // a polite expression of praise or admiration.

Compliment Club, it would follow, is a group of people whom actively, enthusiastically, sincerely, and frequently offer words of praise to the people around them.

Everyone loves getting a compliment. Whenever I get one it stick with me the whole day. I walk with my back a little straighter and my head held a little higher. I like doing that for other people too and I think if we all threw out a few more well placed compliments here and there the world would be a happier place.

So let’s all join the Compliment Club and make someone else feel good today :)

20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are –

Just because you are not a millionaire, don’t live in a mansion, and you don’t drive a fancy car, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.

I don’t own a big house. I don’t have a nice car. Sometimes checking the balance of my account makes my cringe. There are times when I can’t do or buy things because I may need to eat later in the month. THere are months when payday is actually pretty depressing.

I feel like failure because of these things but, strangely, I am also beginning to feel happier despite this things. *shrug*

Thursday Night Fights – The Return of the Modern Philosopher

We were out in my driveway, doing our usual Thursday night bare knuckle fight club, when the friend I had just slammed across the cheek with a vicious right hook uttered, “Do you realize tomorrow is the last day of January?”

An interesting little story about a member of a fight club who isn’t there to fight, but leaves satisfied none the less.

Everything Is Yours, Everything Is Not Yours – Matter

At age six, I ran away with my sister to escape the Rwandan massacre. We spent seven years as refugees. What do you want me to do about it? Cry?

And finally I want to share with you a story that moved me very much. A story of a girl who has been through so much but asks for no pity. Reading the story I felt like she was trying to understand herself just as much as I was trying to understand her.

Please read it. It’s long but it’s very good and its so inspirational. It’s one of those stories that makes you think about your tiny life, and the big world around you, and what you ought to do in it. I also made me think about the kind of person I am, and the kind of person I want to be. Just…please read it.

Claire always taught me everything is yours, everything is not yours. The world owes you nothing; nobody deserves more or less than the next person. Even as a refugee she always kept one dignified outfit — early on, a crisp white blouse, well-fitting flare jeans, short black boots; later, a brown suit — so she could present herself to anybody, anywhere, as a smart, enterprising young woman, period. She asked no pity, no permission. She was a fact of life, an equal. Nobody needed to know more.


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