My Blogging Heroes

2 thoughts on “My Blogging Heroes”

  1. I love posts like these so I can find even more blogs to follow, will check them out! And I am sure you are on others’ lists for the same thing too :)


  2. Ooh, there’s some interesting blog choices you’ve put down, and I don’t think I’ve bumped into them yet. I’m always looking for a good variety (and yeah, in the same boat as you wondering about how my writing matches up). But I like the honesty in yours, the time to reflect and contemplate works for you.

    And you use paragraphs and complete sentences. Honest-to-God paragraphs! (I help teach writing to kids sometimes, so I’m always happy to see that.I’m a geek)

    I’ll check these out–I bet I’d like ’em immensely. Hugs and have a good one!

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