If We Were Having Coffee – I’m Tired, I’m Sad, and I’m in Love

15 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – I’m Tired, I’m Sad, and I’m in Love”

  1. Even though we don’t want to sleep sometimes, think of it as fueling yourself with even more energy to do awesome shit. I’ve been feeling pretty ill over the last week for not taking care of myself too. Slap on our wrists. Thanks for the coffee XXX


  2. Sometimes all the sadness in the world can be very stressful and tire us out, physically and mentally. It sounds like that might be a part of what is going on with you.

    Read a positive book, watch a comedy, distract yourself. It helps. Hope you get over it soon!


  3. Hope that nap was nice—sounds like you needed it!

    The news often makes me sad, and sometimes quite mad, and I have to work really hard not to let that get me in a funk. I do keep coming back to the love that I see, though, and even if that sounds cliche, it’s always helpful.


    1. It was! The news has been so bad lately, especially with the trial and anniversary of the theater shooting this week. I live very near to where it happened and I know the mother of one of the victims….it’s been a very sad time but you are right, love helps tremendously :)

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  4. I flew from California to Colorado recently just to have coffee for a couple hours with the love of my life….. 1 week later I lost her.


  5. I hope that you can get some sleep. Maybe being sleep deprived makes you even more sensitive to sad issues? I think that maybe if you write about it, it will help you take the weight off your heart.
    Have fun with the planning of your wedding.


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