Searching for Some Positivity

It’s Monday again and while I am happy to be at work and out of the house I find that my mood is a little down. Lately the problems of other people have gotten to me. My friends and family are going through hard times and the national news has been especially depressing. For a sensitive person like me this means an easy trip straight into depression.

Already today I can see how I am being affected. I don’t care about much because the tedious, day-to-day tasks my boss expects me to complete seem so small and pointless compared to what is going on around the world. The growing problems of race-relations in this country, the police brutality, the shootings, the wars, all of this seems so much bigger and more important.

Closer to home I have friends who’s parents are dealing with cancer and knee surgeries and even my own family is dealing with ongoing health and financial problems.

The hardest part is feeling like there is nothing you can do to help any of it. You want to go out and fix all of the worlds ills but where do you start? How can you, just one lonely person, expect to do anything about these problems that are so much bigger than you. Then again, even if you could find a way to help you can’t because you are stuck working a day job that doesn’t even pay you well enough to give you the option of throwing money at the problems.

So I guess there isn’t much to do except let those close to me, and all over the world know I am here. I see you and I am thinking of you. If there is anything I can do, let me know. I promise to do my best.

Beyond that I think I better try to take care of myself. So this week I am taking the advice of some of my readers and removing myself (temporarily) from all the bad news and looking for some positivity in the world.There has to be some good things happening out there too. Things the news doesn’t report. I have to believe the world isn’t all bad. It’s the only way to cope.

To start I want to share with you a website I have been following for a while that brings to light some of the good people are doing all over the world. It’s called GOOD. You can subscribe to their magazine which is a “beautiful and expansive publication that sets out to discover what it means to pursue a meaningful life — to live well and do good in the 21st century”. Or they have a neat YouTube channel that does episodes called “Fuck Yeah Humanity” which are little snippets of news about the good things people are doing.

I watch them whenever my faith in our species starts waning.

If you have any other sources of good news to share, please let me know in the comments.

I could really use it this week.


7 Replies to “Searching for Some Positivity”

  1. Good plan. All that negativity is no good for anyone. See, you are already looking at things in a more positive manner by making that choice to shelter your soul from all the craziness. Good for you Lisa! <3 P.S. Some days I hibernate and insulate myself from the world too. <3

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  2. Ugh, I am sorry for all that is going on right now. I haven’t watched the news in a long time, which is good and bad, for the reason of managing my mood. ((Hugs)) to all of y’all.


  3. Hi Lisa..I completely understand what you are feeling…I am also quite sensotive sensitive to things around me..and yesterday I found this great blog the posts and you’ll feel better abt the world. And now I am feeling that everything happens for a reason..we joining this course, she stopping by to help me abt my blog, me discovering her blog, then you helping me and now me telling you all this!! Wow!


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