Searching for Some Positivity

7 thoughts on “Searching for Some Positivity”

  1. Good plan. All that negativity is no good for anyone. See, you are already looking at things in a more positive manner by making that choice to shelter your soul from all the craziness. Good for you Lisa! <3 P.S. Some days I hibernate and insulate myself from the world too. <3

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  2. Ugh, I am sorry for all that is going on right now. I haven’t watched the news in a long time, which is good and bad, for the reason of managing my mood. ((Hugs)) to all of y’all.


  3. Hi Lisa..I completely understand what you are feeling…I am also quite sensotive sensitive to things around me..and yesterday I found this great blog the posts and you’ll feel better abt the world. And now I am feeling that everything happens for a reason..we joining this course, she stopping by to help me abt my blog, me discovering her blog, then you helping me and now me telling you all this!! Wow!


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