A Few Thoughts on the Death Penalty

4 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on the Death Penalty”

  1. I am also against the death penalty, one of those reasons being the number of wrongful imprisonments just in my state alone in the last few decades. Justice isn’t always perfect; leave the Biblical “eye for an eye” punishments to that person’s God or god or other deity.


  2. Our entire prison industrial complex has problems, including death row. Once I realized we have executed innocent people I couldn’t go back to supporting the death penalty. I’d be curious on your opinion on why these mass public shootings are becoming more frequent.


    1. Exactly! I can’t understand how so many people can be okay with the possibility of killing innocent people because our justice system is flawed. I have no concrete proof as to why we are there has been an increase in mass shootings. My gut tells me it’s because we have more people experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness with no where to turn for help. I think ultimately it comes down to mental health care being both too expensive for most and stigmatized in many communities. We need to make some big changes in our society to fix this.


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