A Recipe for ME

All you need to make a ME
is to take these ingredients
and stack accordingly:

One layer of love
the deepest you can find
must have a soft heart center

A layer of curiosity
With extra what’s and why’s
over top

A layer of deep thought
not too dark
spread thick and let sit

A layer of melancholy
To even out the others
careful, just a pinch

A layer of playfulness
is last but not least
childlike is preferred

Preheat oven to 98.6 degrees
Bake for approximately 30 years

Original image via Robert Couse-Baker


4 Replies to “A Recipe for ME”

    1. Thanks Colleen! I am checking it out now. I’m glad you enjoyed it. When I posted it I thought it wasn’t very good at all. Just a silly thing I came up with. I feel a bit better about it now :)

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