So Why the Hell Aren’t You a Feminist?

12 thoughts on “So Why the Hell Aren’t You a Feminist?”

  1. I don’t call myself a feminist even though I also want gender equality. I have issues with the feminist movement in the US as too often it has focused on white womens’ needs and ignored, or put on the back burner, the intersection of issues unique to women of color.

    It drives me up a wall to hear people cavalierly say things like “women got the right to vote in 1920” as though the fact that many women of color still couldn’t vote is merely an unpleasant afterthought.

    That’s just a bit of why I don’t call myself a “feminist,” though I agree with many of the tenets you put forth.

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    1. Keisha, thank you so much for educating me. What you say makes a lot of sense. I’m a white woman, and I call myself a feminist, and I needed to read what you had to say here. Thank you.

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    2. I can see that. In fact more and more WoC are rejecting the term feminism for that reason and I have to say (as a WoC myself) I can’t really blame them. I plan to do a future post on the subject. Thanks for reading :)


  2. Lisa, a lovely, educational post. I didn’t know the word ‘misandry’, and wow is it a useful one. Your point that one doesn’t need to be a woman to be a feminist is a core truth that a lot of people miss. My boyfriend is a bigger feminist than me, because I was raised in a very conservative and sexist family, and didn’t learn to respect myself until nearly my 40s. My boyfriend teaches me so much about feminism, and respect and love for women.


  3. I call myself a feminist. But this is only something I would call myself recently, even though I always had feminist politics.

    The reason – mainstream feminism was not started to support all women. It was started to support white women. They were like ‘hey look at us guys, we deserve the right to vote because how you letting these black men vote and not us, we’re better than them’. Feminism as a movement has continually silenced and oppressed women of colour – even today (eg the whole nicki minaj fiasco, silence about women of colour issues, supporting white women when they’re being called out). It’s not a welcoming movement and I don’t blame them for not joining.

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