Writer’s Quote Wednesday – John Roderick

10 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – John Roderick”

    1. Please do! I love doing these posts every week. I learn so much about other writers and authors and I learn about the craft. Plus it really helps keep me motivated.

      Oh and Colleen, the host, is a pretty awesome blogger too :)

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  1. Oh ideas – those slippery, flighty things – beautiful. I really appreciate this quote. As a former academic, I was always caught up in properly citing the ideas of others – that seemed to be what most of writing was about. How liberating fiction felt after all of that. But soon enough, I realized that there isn’t much I can come up with that hasn’t been done before. What I can do is let those ideas sink into me with the confidence that when I write them, my stories will be unique.


    1. Exactly. Not much can be made that is original anymore. We are the products of all the writing we have read and the art we have seen. But as creatives we can combine those ideas, or pull them apart, and transmogrify them into something that is our own. AND THATS OK :)

      Thanks for reading :)


  2. Lisa, I love your quote. Your analogy about ideas is spot on. There is always room for originality. How many times do you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Some of those ideas are right there waiting for us to unearth them. Your writing is so cohesive and thought provoking! I love it! <3


  3. LOL! I love this “I know in no time I will see the same idea that said she loved me so walking down the street with another writer. Arm and arm as if I never existed.” and your choice of quote!


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