Make Something.

6 thoughts on “Make Something.”

  1. Good luck. I hope that you’ll be able to get the art out of the abyss and be there for yourself and those around you.
    I set myself the goal to write 31000 words in August, so an average of 1000 per day, I hope that it will work out.


  2. Hi there…. Good advice, indeed!…. It is nice to take time to enjoy little things offline and also to enjoy the company of the people we love!… All my best wishes. Aquileana :D


    1. So true. I think bloggers especially have a hard time unplugging and getting back into the real world. We always want to be interacting with readers and checking stats but the real world is where the magic happens. I hope to find a bit of it :)

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  3. “Coffee is for getting you moving, but tea is for slowing you down, and I definitely need to slow down a little.” I like this take. It makes a lot of sense to me. And I think a switch, whether from coffee to tea, or from writing to drawing, brings us back to our dearly beloveds refreshed, with a cleaner head. Good luck to you this week.


    1. Exactly! Switching it up makes you think about the other in a new way. You appreciate each for it’s qualities and you get a chance to miss it in it’s absence and when you come back you appreciate it more. At least that’s my hope :)

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      1. I like it! It’s kind of an absence makes the heart grow fonder thing.
        It’s funny, I always looked at coffee and tea as two sides of the same coin: caffeine pick me up, different flavors. But this whole ‘coffee/up’ ‘tea/down’ has totally rocked me! lol.


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