Toes – Glass Animals

6 thoughts on “Toes – Glass Animals”

  1. This is such a cool song!

    In regards to getting writing inspiration from music, I couldn’t agree more. One thing I’ve been getting into a lot lately that you might try is hearing stories in classical music. It may not have words, but I find it fascinating to think about who would be doing what if the music was actually a movie score. It’s like reverse engineering the story!


    1. I was just thinking about trying that too! I have the soundtrack to a horror movie saved with a bunch of creepy songs, might try one of those when I get a little better at this :)

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  2. I’m sorry but you are wrong. This song is about drugs plain and simple. The big ride is a black cadillac where a man buys heroin. The “devine ape swine”? Is a drug dealer. The main character’s hands are blackened from injecting them with drugs, and are now practically hooves lol. So he injects his toes “so he can smile”. Hence how he is “crooked but upright” lol. As in high on heroin, but concious. What most people don’t realize is that you don’t necessarlily go comatose when you shoot up.
    Finally, look at the last lines you’ve quoted. The main character is walking down a hallway to a room where he usually shoots up- a chill in your bones is a common reference in poetry to heroin.


    1. I’m sorry but I’m not wrong. According to the lead singer Dave Bayley the song is in fact based on “that book, The Island of Dr. Moreau, which is about a man who finds himself stranded on a weird tropical island, with all these crazy animals on it”.

      But the great thing about music, like any art form, is that it can mean many things to many different people :)


  3. It was my favorite book as a teen. I too stumbled upon this track thanks to Spotify and liked it instantly. That being said I couldn’t quite grasp it’s mean, that’s how I found this post. I am ecstatic that the song is based on the book. I too was worried it was drug related, and while that would not have influenced my liking it would have changed the circles in which I discuss it. Now thanks to you though I can clearly see it’s a wonderful homage to a great book.

    First off looking toward music for inspiration sounds like a great idea that I fully intend to steal (borrow maybe).

    Secondly (from shakey memory) your run down of the song is rather spot on. I will try to avoid spoilers as I feel everyone should give this book a try. It’s short, and an easy read although it should be avoided if you are squimish. The chorus that doesn’t really “fit” is one of the main plot points of the book. There are two factions one that view there creator as God and want to be more human, and one that thinks he is the devil and want to return back to what they once were. The building he looks back on at the end is the vivisection chamber.

    Just wanted to say again, thanks for making this great song, greater.


    1. This is awesome! I’m so glad you liked the post and thank you for the additional info. I completely forgot I meant to read the book this year so your comment was also a reminder. Thanks again!


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