Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Wendy Swore

Welcome everyone to another installment of Writer’s Quote Wednesday, a weekly blogging even hosted by Collen at Silver Threading. Every week bloggers put share their favorite quotes from writers and other creative types to encourage and motivate others to keep putting words on the page. If you are in need of a little inspiration I encourage you to check it out.

For my contribution this week I have a quote from the author Wendy Swore.

Wendy is a “writer, farmer, and mother of five”. Her books include Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal, a collection of short stories involving the paranormal, Unlocked: Ten Key Tales, an anthology where the only common theme through all the stories is a key, her story is called Crop Circles, and Ménage à 20, Tales with a hook, another collection of stories, her two are called Letting Go, and Foundation. 

According to Wendy’s blog, Goddess of the Corn, her summers are “spent working (AKA slaving away) on the family truck farm along with her husband and their five young children. After the sweet-corn harvest, thousands of people come to learn about agriculture in her educational corn maze and farm tours. She sneaks writing/editing time into her life everyday year round, and twice as much in the winter when farming is over”.

She included a few Random facts too:

  • She’s a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • She can pick 42 ears of corn a minute and know if the cob is ripe before she picks it just by the feel of it. (No, when I was little, I never wished to be a professional corn picker.)
  • She’s had parakeets, dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, hamsters, goats, rabbits, horses, cows, chickens, turkeys, Guinea hens, fish, and tarantulas for pets…just not all at the same time.
  • She sneaks books into the house when she thinks no one is looking.

“Sometimes writing everyday is like pulling teeth, painful, but necessary.”

Wendy Swore

Some days writing really does feel like pulling teeth. Right now I have a hard enough time just writing for this little blog, but soon I will have to start working on an actual book or something and I can already tell it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be painful. I’ll have to pull those words out of my head by the roots and get them out on to the page. I already know it will be quite a long process and it may even become an awful bloody mess.

But if I don’t the thoughts may rot, or become ingrown and crowded. It must be done!

It boggles my mind how writing can be so difficult and at times so tiring and yet, we can’t stop doing it. We actually end up wanting to do it more! Why? Why do we put ourselves through this? What is that thing that makes us want to tell our stories and share our inner world with anyone and everyone? I don’t know what it is, and I may never know, but I do know that I can’t stop.

I am more than willing to endure the pain of pulling those words.

Original image via Pixabay


7 Replies to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Wendy Swore”

    1. Same here. I hate to miss a day of writing. It makes me feel “off”. I try to tell myself it’s ok to take a break but somewhere inside little alarms are going off telling me I have to write something. I just can’t stop! :)

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