If We Were Having Coffee – It’s Still Summer, Sort of

5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – It’s Still Summer, Sort of”

  1. It sounds like spending time with your brother in law is not only important but also fun! I’m glad you were able to take the time to spend with him. Teen years are so difficult!


    1. Yeah I’m working on spending more time with him and with my 14 year old sister. There is often tension between them and their parents so I like to step in and give all parties a break when I can. :)

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  2. Love the photo of you and your brother-in-law. Is that an octopus tattoo that I spy?!

    The original Night of the Living Dead is really good—definitely sets the tone for a lot of what happens in zombie movies after it. Interested in hearing what you have to say about it.

    Sorry to hear that the heat’s getting to you, too. It’s awful in NOLA—heat index in the 110 range today, and 115 range projected for tomorrow. I’m definitely ready for the seasons the change—well, to change as much as they ever do in the south.


    1. Why yes that is an octopus tattoo you see! A coconut octopus to be exact, my favorite animal :)

      I hope to post something on Night of the Living Dead in a couple days but I’m not good at reviews so it’ll be short, 100 Words on Night of the Living Dead or something like that lol

      I’m ready for a season change because I’m ready for HALLOWEEN. It’s my favorite holiday. Hope to do more posts on horror movies then too :)

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      1. Awesome! Octopuses are really neat creatures—terribly smart. Looks like an awesome piece!

        I’m ready for October and Halloween, too—my favorite time of year other than Mardi Gras. :)


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