A Week of Beginnings

9 thoughts on “A Week of Beginnings”

    1. Yep! I’m a Coloradoan to the core! I’ve traveled a bit but I always come back. It’s my home. We are known for our mountains and the skiing towns but the summers here are my favorite :)

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      1. As soon as we get our house in FL sold we are there. We lived in Prescott, AZ a few years ago so we know about elevation, etc. We lived in Montana for 17 years so I am ready to go back out west. FL is just too hot for me! Awesome!


        1. We’ll we aren’t quite as dry as AZ, I don’t think, and it isn’t quite as hot either. This summer we have hit maybe 92 or 95 degrees tops! Most days are in these 80’s. Still feels miserable though lol

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  1. My anxiety is high, with it set to reach fever pitch by this time tomorrow if I don’t keep getting interrupted on the things I need to get done now. (I’m on break now, for the record :D )


    1. I feel for you. My anxiety turns to anger very quickly if I get interrupted dealing with the things that are giving me anxiety in the first place. Good luck to you :)


  2. “The future comes whether we like it or not and it is better to face it head on than to cower and wait for it to find you unaware.” Yes, that. Fingers crossed your week turns out to be less stressful than you expect…

    I’m busy preparing a Very Important Submission. In fact, I shouldn’t be here at all, I’ve got work to do.


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