Tuesday Motivation – I’m Back!

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone! I hope it was a good one. I know I haven’t been around much but I am back now and I cannot tell you how much I have missed being here.

I spent a long weekend getting some much need rest and quality time in with my lady. We stayed in a hotel room only 30 minutes from home so it wasn’t a true vacation but we did get away from our worries and responsibilities for a couple of days and that is all we needed.

We ate some delicious food, we saw a movie, we went shopping, we saw a concert, and we slept. We did nothing productive and we forgot all about work. Everything about the weekend was just wonderful and we hope to take more weekend trips like it. I realize now that we need these breaks much more than I thought.

I didn’t know that we had slowly gotten wound up tight and beyond stressed out. It seems to have happened without me realizing it. This trip really relaxed us and gave us a new perspective on our lives.

So I am back now and my head is a little more clear and my motivation is a little bit higher. I’m ready to start again fresh and get all the things done.

This week I will have to take it slow and ease back into the swing of things but luckily everyone is understanding.

I wish you all well in the upcoming days. I hope you accomplish all the things too :)

Featured image is one I took while on our way to see a concert at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater.

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Beautiful Red Rocks Park

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