The Convenience of Soylent and What it Means to be Human

13 thoughts on “The Convenience of Soylent and What it Means to be Human”

  1. Well, great article but I beg to differ. If you eat only Soylent, your teeth will fall because mastication is a part of dental health. For now Soylent repels me, it seems cold, not generous and depressing. I’d love a food substitute that provide me with as much fun as a good meal does.


    1. I looked into the teeth/chewing issue while writing this and chose not to include it because I got contradictory information. From what I can tell it is possible your jaw would deteriorate over time from lack of chewing BUT this could be prevented by chewing a sugar free gum a couple of times a day.

      I do agree that Soylent sounds a little depressing, like the extreme minimalists that encourage people to wear the same clothes everyday, but you can’t deny the convenience and the time saving benefit. I think it is something to consider but I wonder if there could be a middle road between “grey goop” and the stress of day-to-day meal preparation?

      Thanks for reading :)


      1. I think it’s cultural. I love to cook and I do not feel any stress because of it. It does indeed take time but it is also a matter of transmitting knowledge to my kid and spending time with her. Substitutes likes Soylent take all this away. That’s why they feel cold to be. Who organizes a get together were people only drink out of a bottle without the effect of actual drinks. No one. In my imagination Soylent is a solution for a young urban over booked professional, whose focus is on career and nothing else. When you have a little more time or other interests, food and cooking seem the perfect glue to conversation, social events, conviviality in general.


        1. I think people who enjoy cooking can’t understand how much of a chore it is for people who don’t like cooking. I dread having to cook, it feels similar to having to do dishes or laundry. My girlfriend loves to cook so I am lucky but if I were single this would be very appealing for me.

          I do enjoy eating food though. I like going out to dinner and going to friends houses and eating their cooking when the occasion arises so I would hate to give up the social aspects of food.

          I do think that Soylent for breakfast or lunch would be fine though. Those are the meals I don’t have much time for and I find myself eating foods that aren’t all that good for me to save time. Sometimes I eat nothing at all until dinner. Soylent has to be better then that.


          1. Sure if it’s your only solution. Many people already chose this king of solution and I can’t help but think it’s a bit sad.
            I do understand that if cooking is lived as a chore someone would try to get rid of it. That’s logical.


            1. To each his own I guess. For some of us a simple, nutritional solution isn’t sad, it’s a relief. I’d still want to attend barbecues and birthday parties and potlucks of course though, and I would have to indulge in a nice juicy steak here and there too :)


    1. I’m not sure if you mean my post or the product :/ I assure you my post is serious and Soylent is quite real.

      According to Wikipedia:

      “The product’s name is based on Harry Harrison’s 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room!</em in which the food product derives from soya and lentils. The term is, however, commonly associated with its 1973 film adaptation Soylent Green, in which the eponymous food supplement is made from human remains."

      I happen to think naming it after Soylent Green sounds way cooler lol


      1. I thought perhaps the product was bogus..Do you remember that Soylent Green was made out of ground up human bodies? What an association..Truth is stranger than fiction! Wonder if anyone ever said that before? Ha.


        1. Lol yes I do remember that, I like creepy stuff like that though so the Soylent Green association doesn’t really turn me off the stuff. I find it funny.


  2. I love to cook and eat but I’m really picky so I don’t eat a lot of veggies. I think it would be great to eat something that would give you all the nutrients you need per day. (Although, I guess you have vitamins for that.) I bet we can all send this to starving people around the world though. That would be beneficial for everyone!


    1. I believe that is Rhinehart’s goal. He wants Soylent to eventually be available to everyone so that we never have to worry about starvation or malnutrition again. I can definitely get behind that!

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