Monday Motivation // Hustle Baby

It’s Monday lovelies which means we all have to our collective asses in gear and get motivated. Yes we are sad to see the weekend go but good things can happen in those days between Sundays and Saturdays we we get out there and hustle hard!

Historically the word hustle has been associated with shady ways of making money, like selling drugs. Nowadays though the hustle is just something you do to move yourself forward and make money. I think of it more like something you do outside of your day job so that one day you can quit that B.S. day job. At least that’s what I’m doing.

Writing here is my hustle. I don’t make money doing it now but one day, if I learn to write well and focus on doing something good in this world, maybe my hustle will become my day job. Until then I stay on my grind. Meaning I write and write and write. I write before my route, I write when I get back, I write in between the tasks my boss gives me. I find minutes to steal from other places throughout the day so I can give more to writing.

This week I encourage you all to try to pin down exactly what your hustle is and I want you to focus more time on it. I want you to keep it in mind no matter what you are doing. I want you to be planning and plotting in you mind no matter what you are physically occupied with.

Not only that but I want you to always be thinking to yourself “how can I take a moment to work on this?”. If you are in a meeting at your day job and your boss is going on about something that doesn’t pertain to you, jot down some ideas on another sheet of paper instead. If you are waiting for a client to show up think of ideas for a drawing or a story or whatever it is you do on the side.

I’ve read many stories about famous writers who wrote in their free time while working other boring, tedious, thankless jobs. That gives me hope that by utilizing my time in between the tasks that I don’t care much care for, maybe one day I will, slowly but surely start to spend more and more time doing what I like and less of the boring, tedious, thankless stuff.

I know this is late, I was stuck in boring meetings all day :(


2 Replies to “Monday Motivation // Hustle Baby”

    1. Glad someone else could relate! It’s better than no time at all and those little moments will add up over time to something very big! Good luck to you :)


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