So, Are You Happy?

Good morning everyone and welcome to another Monday. I know, I know, no one likes Mondays but let’s try to change that. Let’s enjoy today and set the tone for the rest of the week shall we?

That’s so much easier said than done. This morning I woke up peeved that I even had to go to work. Honestly, I feel like this most mornings. It’s not that my job is all that bad, in fact I think it’s a pretty good job, it’s just not what I want to do all day.

My job doesn’t stimulate my mind or awaken any passion in me. My job doesn’t make me feel needed or fulfilled. My job doesn’t make me feel alive.

So I finally had to admit to myself, I’m just not happy here.

Something happens to you when you admit to yourself that you are not happy. You can be miserable everyday of your life and never do anything to change it until one day you look yourself in the mirror and you realize, this is not how you want to live. Once you see that you cannot un-see it, and once you realize it you can never be content again.

This goes for more than just your career. Ask yourself, are you happy in your relationship? Are you happy in your home? Are you happy with how you handle your finances? Are you happy with how you spend your free time? If you admit to yourself that you aren’t happy in any of these aspects of your life it will seem pretty silly to continue on the way you are. You will have to make a change.

This week I’m not going to ask “How are you?”, this week I’m asking everyone “Are you happy?”.

So, are you happy?

I hope you are, I really do, but if your not maybe your next question ought to be…

“How can I change that?”.

Original image via Death to the Stock Photo


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