And So I Write

11 thoughts on “And So I Write”

    1. I think it’s great to care too much too but sometimes I feel a bit out numbered by the uncaring and the intentionally blind. My hope to increase the numbers of people who care very much and then I won’t feel so alone lol :)

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  1. Very well said. I like that you said “I have a bleeding heart and proud of it.” We need more people like you. Your post gave me a deeper feeling. Keep writing and thanks for sharing.


  2. I think it is not a stupid blog and yes, doing a little, showing kindness and care goes a long way, it will result in something good, positive and it pays to pay it forward. Keep the goodness in your heart…keep writing :)


  3. “All it takes if for more people to think, and talk, and care, and maybe it could all start with a stupid blog like this one.” Yes, this. Even though your blog ain’t stupid :)


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