And So I Write

I write because ever since I can remember, I have cared just a little too much. I have been a little too vulnerable and I have been much too sensitive too. All my life people have told me to grow a thicker skin, to quit caring so damn much, and to learn to be a bitch but try as I might my heart hurts for the environment, my eyes tear up when I see the how war is affecting us all, and I get angry at all the lives wasted by poverty.

I am a bleeding heart and proud of it and I think the world needs more like me.

I write because something inside has to try to do something to make this world a tiny bit better. The way I see it, the only way to change the world is to change the minds of the masses. I don’t pretend that I could reach even a decent fraction of the world directly. I think all I can hope for is to reach a few people, who in turn might reach a few people too, and so on.

I want to change the future the way a rock can change the surface of a pond. I want my short life to leave a few small ripples in time.

I write because not everything is black and white and finding the right path for each individual and finding the right path for all of society are hard things to do. They require a lot of thought and a lot of talk about meaning, happiness, suffering, sadness, change, pain, education, history, numbers, the universe, and more. We have to talk about everything because the world has become an awful place and we can’t go on like this much longer

What better way to start a conversation about everything than to start a blog about everything too?

Everyday we can think about something else and maybe we can talk about it too, if you’d like. Maybe you can talk about it with someone else afterwards? Maybe they will talk about it too? Maybe we all can make a ripple?

Then little by little we can move the minds in the right direction, and little by little maybe the world won’t be such a hard place to live in. One day things might not be so unfair. One day people might not have to struggle so much. One day people might not suffer so damn much. Wouldn’t that be nice?

All it takes if for more people to think, and talk, and care, and maybe it could all start with a little blog like this one?

And so I write, because this world is an awful place for so many but we have the power to make it better and so we must.

“You write in order to change the world … if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.”

― James Baldwin

In response to Daily Post’s Blogging U. course, Writing 101 assignment: I write because . . .


11 Replies to “And So I Write”

    1. I think it’s great to care too much too but sometimes I feel a bit out numbered by the uncaring and the intentionally blind. My hope to increase the numbers of people who care very much and then I won’t feel so alone lol :)

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  1. I think it is not a stupid blog and yes, doing a little, showing kindness and care goes a long way, it will result in something good, positive and it pays to pay it forward. Keep the goodness in your heart…keep writing :)


  2. “All it takes if for more people to think, and talk, and care, and maybe it could all start with a stupid blog like this one.” Yes, this. Even though your blog ain’t stupid :)


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