Monday Motivation // Reach Out to One New Person, Every Day

Good morning and happy Labor Day everyone! Today, whether you get to enjoy another day off, or if you are one of the many who have to work, I want you to think about how you interact with people online and how you get your work seen.

I love writing, and as a writer it is nice to have readers. I write for myself but I cannot get better or learn anything if my readership does not grow. I know that finding readers isn’t easy, I have definitely learned that over the last year and a half of blogging. I feel like every new follower is a small victory and every new milestone, 10 followers, 50 followers, 100 followers, 200 followers, 500 followers, is cause for celebration.

Sometimes you gain new readers fast, and sometimes you gain them at a trickle, and a lot of it just feels like luck. Sometimes it feels a little frustrating, and sometimes you don’t care at all. Sometimes you care too much and you feel bad, like maybe you aren’t in this for the reasons you think you are? I think it’s normal to want to see those stats go up, we all do, no matter what we say. We love to be loved.

I recently listed to some of the Problogger Podcasts about building readership and connecting with people online, and one thing struck me as genius was to reach out to one new person, every day.

How simple is that? Pick a follower, or someone who’s left a comment, or maybe another blogger, and just say hi. Find someone on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever, and just say hi. Strike up a conversation and find out more about them. Don’t try to sell yourself, don’t put your blog, or your art, or your book in their face, just say hi.

Comment on what they are doing. Ask them something about themselves. Ask them how are they feeling? What do they think? What do they need?

Take some time to actually listen. Let them speak, let them vent, you might just learn something. You might be inspired by what they have to say. You might just make a new friend. And maybe after you have listened you can let them know how they made you feel. Let them know what impact they had on you. Make that connection with another person, it will be appreciated and people will want to know more about you because you have shown an interest in them.

I mean, imagine if you did that everyday? Imagine if you took just a few minutes a day to say “hi, how are you?” to one or two people? You could create a lot of lasting relationships that way.

That’s what I am going to start doing and I encourage you all to give it a try too. Go meet new people and maybe let me know how it goes for you. I’d love to know what could come of taking a small interest in other people for just a tiny fraction of the day. I’d love to hear what kind of impact that had on your goals.

Original image via Anthony Quintano


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