A Very Specific List of 13 Things I Do Not Like

13 thoughts on “A Very Specific List of 13 Things I Do Not Like”

  1. “People who think being unnecessarily harsh is okay because they are “just being honest”.” ugh! add to that people who think that starting a sentence with “don’t be mad ok” or ending one with “just kidding” who think it absolves them of any responsibility for the harm their words do.


    1. Ugh “just kidding” is on my list too! I have this friend who likes to make all sort of tasteless jokes and says it’s okay because he’s “just kidding”. I think he’s just being a jerk.

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    1. Yeah that too! My girlfriend likes to ask for a sip on my milk or a bite of my yogurt and she doesn’t understand that I just can’t do that. Thinking about it makes my stomach turn :/

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  2. Yes sharing dairy products is the grossest thing ever, thought I was the only one who hated that.

    I hate when I can hear someone breathing whether it’s through your nose or mouth (which is just weird unless your nose is stuffed) I am glad your alive but I really don’t need to hear it


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