A Very Specific List of 13 Things I Like Very Much

12 thoughts on “A Very Specific List of 13 Things I Like Very Much”

  1. I am obsessed with imaginary colors!! Here’s an excerpt from a Quora answer that I think sums it up nicely:

    …color is inherently biological or even neurological. Our visual spectrum is the visual definition of the inside of our nervous system. It’s a whole other way of looking at physics, and it is hard to know to what extent our colors are human colors or eukaryotic colors or the colors of energy states of matter itself, but either way, the limitation on new colors is physical or ontological and not psychological. We can’t imagine a new color because there aren’t any more colors, at least for us, to imagine.

    So this means that the colors we see come down to our nervous system and cannot be changed. For human being there are no colors out there that we have yet to see or discover. The color wheel is all we get. And yet I can’t stop trying :)

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        1. We didn’t used to but then I just started sending her events on Facebook or text with links to move times and she got on board. It goes both ways though, I’m working up the courage to take a dance class with her. It’s not my thing but it’s what she wants so I’m trying :)

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          1. Good for you.
            I watch War movies with Danny. And I listen to music that he likes. I just wish he would do more of what I like.
            I like war movies. some of the classics oldies. WW1 and WW2. I don’t care as much for the new ones. Too much cussing etc.


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