Do You Regret It?

For the cool boys in school who made fun of me for being poor. Who told me they thought I was pretty in private but treated me badly in front of others, do you regret it? Do you lay awake at night and wish you had shown that little quiet girl in school a little more compassion?

To all the teachers who labeled me a bad kid and kicked me out or shuffled me around, do you regret it? You never saw the potential in me and you never made an effort to help. You thought I was going no where and wanted to wash your hands of me. Do you see me in the faces of your other students now and give them a little more attention and patience so you don’t make the same mistake twice?

What about you, the first girl to break my heart? The girl who told me she wanted me but kissed other boys behind my back. The girl who had her friends tell me she didn’t want to speak to me anymore. Do you regret it? Does your shame in the way you acted keep you honest?

To the roommate who disappeared and left me hanging with all the bills. You don’t know this but I struggled for a year to get my finances right after you left. Do you regret it? Do you miss any of your stuff I threw out because you were too much of a coward to come get any of it? Or did you try and were surprised to find if changed the locks? I hope you are more responsible now.

To all the bosses I’ve had over the years, yes all of you, who never understand how hard life can be when you make close to nothing. Who aren’t understanding about transportation issues or the fact that even though you don’t offer me health insurance doesn’t mean I don’t get sick. Are you still so uncaring? Do you still see your employees as nothing more than bodies to work to exhaustion and replace when they can no longer keep up with your demands?

And finally to you, my reader, is there anyone that you might have treated badly in the past? Have you forgotten to see your fellow man as people who have the same emotions, dreams, and needs as you? Do you regret it? Do you wish you had acted differently? Has this regret changed you?

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19 Replies to “Do You Regret It?”

  1. No, I regret nothing.

    Nothing no more.

    I tried to be as compassionate as possible, and accept life as it is.

    I pray and meditate and try to treat fellow friends with respect and bear no grudges.

    Let dead past bury itself.

    Love and light.

    Anand :)

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    1. Love and light, I like that! I too am working toward letting the past be the past, for me though it all has to be expressed before the healing can begin. Hence, this blog.

      Keep on doing what you do, and thank you for reading :)

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      1. Yes, Lisa. Expressing is part of catharsis and for different people manifests in different ways. I scribbled huge amounts of texts before. :) I hope you will get more solace day by day.

        Anand :)

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  2. Great stuff!

    For me looking back and seeing regrets is not so productive. I try to examine my behavior in the present. I ask myself if I do or don’t do something now will I regret it in the future. If I have the opportunity to help someone but blow them off because I’m too busy, will I regret it? When I filter my actions in this way it helps me do the right thing and value people more.


    1. I am working on not regretting so much but every so often I think it’s important to look back and reevaluate where we’ve gone wrong with new perspectives so we don’t repeat the past.

      Thanks for reading :)


  3. I wouldn’t say I regret anything because every choice I’ve made has made me who I am. I was raised to be polite and friendly and I try to never hurt anyone. However we all are human and fuck up every now and then, we all are doing the best we can. If someone treated you badly there actions weren’t about you it was about them. If you truly love yourself you could never hurt another, so the reality is those people didn’t like themselves very much and were struggling too. Mentally I am sending you a hug and positive vibes. You’re article on the other hand does get your point across and instigates emotions to arise.


    1. Beautiful, powerful, raw. This was completely honest and almost healing. Sometimes the best way to know how far you’ve gotten, is to look at how far you’ve come. I believe that our experiences, among other things, can make us stronger. I have no doubt that, Lisa, you are a very strong person after reading this.


    2. That’s it! We are all human and so we are all flawed. We just mess up sometimes. All we can do is apologize and try to be mindful of our actions in the future.

      Thank you for the hugs and good vibes, I’m glad you enjoyed the post :)


  4. This is brilliant! The post resonates home with me!
    However, growing up, I have also hurt a few people unknowingly. When I realized that I went to each and apologized.
    So, do I regret anything, yes I do. A few mistakes I made! Nothing else!


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