If We Were Having Coffee // A Good Writing Week

Good morning friends. Thank you for meeting me, I’m excited for coffee date today. I have had quite a week and a good cup of joe and some stimulating conversation is just what I need.

If we were having coffee I would start by telling you that this morning, while walking the dog, I was struck by an incredible sense of sadness when I realized that the leaves were already beginning to change color. Some are even beginning to fall and me and the dog crunched them as we walked around the neighborhood. I kept thinking about how baffling it is that people actually like this season. I mean, soon everything is just going to look dead and the air is going to turn to cold for any outdoor fun. What good about that?

I find the whole thing depressing.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that on a happier note this weekend did turn out to be a good one. Yesterday morning we went to our favorite place for brunch and enjoyed their AH-MAZING food and drink. Afterwards we did some window shopping and when it started to get too warm out we headed back home to relax and eat ice cream. Later in the evening we dressed up and headed to our favorite fancy place for dinner.

When we showed up the hostess informed us that the wait was about an hour long. I was so disappointed, and I felt stupid for not having made a reservation. We left and stood in the street looking sad and lost for a bit and decided to try the place next door. Another fancy place but one we hadn’t been to before.

It turned out to be almost better than our original plan! The food was delicious, especially the Panna cotta dessert which had mangoes, coconut powdered sugar, and mint infused honey. The service was great, and the portions were bigger for the same price. We’ll definitely be going back soon.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I think I did well with my writing last week. I posted something just about every day, and I got a ton of good feedback. I didn’t post everything I wanted to, and work got in the way a lot, but I think I did well. I am trying to remember that while this blog is very important to me, not being able to post is not the end of the world.

I’ve been taking another on of the Daily Post’s Blogging U. courses and so far this one has been very eye opening. I am learning to find inspiration in places that I haven’t before and thinking differently about the ways I can present my thoughts to readers.

I can’t wait to see what we do next week.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the zine my poems will be featured in, fēlan, will go on sale this coming Friday. I hope enough are sold that I can get a free copy, if not I’ll be buying on at full price just so I can see my name in print. I don’t care how small the publication, it feels like I’ve made one tiny step and won just one small victory.

This whole thing has motivated me so much and I am on the lookout for places to submit more work. If you have any suggestions let me know please.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that besides all that things are about the same as they were last week. Work is still work and I am still madly in love. I hope you are doing well too and I’d love to hear all about your week too. Update me in the comments and please, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Monday will be here before we know it :)


20 Replies to “If We Were Having Coffee // A Good Writing Week”

  1. Oh Lisa, I still need to do some kind Of weekly event like this. I really enjoy the conversations we have here.
    I would still want anything but coffee. If I wasn’t too hot I would love a good chai latte. Mum, yes, that tastes wonderful.
    Fall has always been my favorite season with winter a close second.
    Fall here in Florida is a continuation of summer and I hate summers here,
    I love fall in the rest of the country. Watching the leaves change from green to all the colors of the rainbow. Or if you happen to live in Colorado they change to a bright golden /red color. Simply beautiful.
    I love how the air is fresher. I can open my windows and spell the fresh air.
    My steps become alive again and I start walking. I am rejuvenated.
    The animals gives birth and we watch them walk through the yard here.
    Winter is warmer here and you would enjoy that. For me I long for the winters out West. The cold is warmed by the bright sun. It fresh and clear and sunny.
    I am so glad you both found another and even better place to dine.
    We are lacking in any kind of dining experiences near us except for the fast food variety and even though are still a drive for us.
    So we spend quiet nights at home with our cat.
    Alone in Our Neck Of The Woods.
    have a wonderful weekend. See you next time.
    Love Sarah

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    1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful comment. The way you describe you love of autumn almost makes me change my mind, then I remember that here fall means cold, and wind, and snow. I do happen to live in Colorado and the leaves are turning very yellow right now. Sounds like I should be living somewhere like Florida, where fall is just summer 2.0.

      I am so glad you enjoy these posts. I have to admit I got the idea from another blogger, Part-Time Monster actually. You are welcome to join in every weekend if you like :)

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      1. Lisa, Where in Colorado do you live? Winters are fairly MILD there compared to elsewhere.
        I will be glad to trade you. I never wanted to leave my beautiful Colorado to move to Florida. See what love did to me?
        I would like that. I will head there after I get done with the comments.


        1. I live in a suburb just outside of Denver. I know winters can be worse elsewhere and we are lucky to have about 300 days a year of sunshine but it does get very cold here most days from November to about March/April. Plus we do get regular snow. I still love it here though, I just love it more in the summer :)


  2. Hello, I love your blog…I found you at Sarah’s Attic of Treasures….and yes thank you I would love a good rich cup of coffee, cream and sugar please….LOL I am one of those fall lovers….seeing the trees loose there lovely leaves is a sign of change…I love change…new beginnings, fresh starts, crisp winter air, big pots of stew cooking on the stove, fresh bread in the oven, a hot fire in the fire place, sky full of big clouds, rain storms, the wind cleaning all the leaves from under the trees….then Christmas lights and the land seems to stop, trees are still, bare and waiting for the first warmth of the spring sun….another cycle of life….that’s what makes life so wonderful, we are all so different and everyone enjoys something different about the seasons… and see had you made a reservation you would of never found a new restaurant, my husband and I are terrible at trying new places, but when we are forced to we find that fifty percent of the time it was for the best… my daughter is a writer and recently was published in “Black Fox Literary magazine” she was not paid anything for her story, but they choose her for there # 12 issue….getting your name out there is part of the deal…that’s the only suggestion I have…I look forward to following your post…
    and thanks for the coffee and time….Kathy

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    1. Welcome! Glad you enjoyed the coffee :)

      I do understand why everyone loves the fall and winter so much. It’s just that here in Colorado there is SO much to do in the summer. I love being outdoors! The winter lasts a long time here, or at least it feels like it, and I miss the warmth and the grass and the events. At least here the sun shines even when it’s freezing out. If it didn’t I’d never make it.

      Thank you so much for the suggestion. I don’t mind not getting paid right now, I just want to get some experience and get my name out there. Being chosen for a project boost your self-esteem and motivates you. I’d love more of that.


      1. Ahhh it makes sense, your in Colorado, I understand completely….We drove through your beautiful state….I was mesmerized….I fell in love with Manitou Springs, we spent a week there, Cortez National Park, amazing…and we went over Lizard Pass…wow I thought I was in the Alp’s…..love it….glad to have coffee with you anytime..akthy


  3. Congratulations on seeing your poems in print soon. Paperswans is currently accepting submissions on the theme of ‘The Chronicles of Eve’ (about all aspects of womanhood), deadline is 30 September and there’s no entry fee. I love them, they published two of my stories in their last anthology, Schooldays, and I won their competition in April and just got a commendation for my latest competition entry. I’ll have to look if I’ve got more poetry submissions bookmarked – I always collect them but never submit any poems…

    I really enjoyed the first week of Writing 101, too and I can’t wait for the next prompt. And I’m sort of with you on autumn. We had lovely warm weather here last week, and I liked that the wind had a bit of a sting to it. But it’s 8:30pm and pitch black outside, and soon the days will be shorter than the nights and I just hate that.


    1. Finally someone who agrees with me! Thank you so much for the suggestion. I’ve never heard of Paperswans but I will be looking them up. And congrats to you on getting your work in print!

      See you next week for Writing 101 :)

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  4. After spending the majority of my life in Arizona, it took me a while to warm up to fall now that I live in the Northeast. For a few years, I felt it was a useless season after enjoying the lush green and long days of summer. I’ve grown to enjoy it now over the years because it’s such a nice transition into winters up here, which oddly I enjoy. Fall is about warmth, and cider, and colors, and pumpkin spice, and.. and…

    Congrats on the poems publication!


    1. I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s because Colorado’s fall is so short and uneventful that I feel this way. Here the weather goes from warm to cold quickly, there isn’t much transition. I joke that fall lasts about 2 weeks, same for spring, so the two seasons do feel pretty useless to me.

      Thanks :)

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  5. I love autumn. I like to wear sweaters and step on crunchy leaves. And really, it doesn’t get terribly cold here, so a light sweater is all that is needed, and it’s a nice break from the sweltering summer heat. Plus there are lots of fun things that happen in the fall—namely Halloween. lol

    Hope your coming week is better and that you had a relaxing weekend.


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