Monday Motivation // Do All The Nothing You Want

Good morning Dearies and happy Monday to you all. I hate to sound so enthusiastic, Mondays aren’t my favorite days of the week at all but I am trying to start the week off right. As they say, fake it ’til you make it right? So every Monday I set the tone by deciding what the “theme” of the week ought to be. This week I am trying to do more “nothing”.

I’ve been working on letting my mind consider ordinary things more deeply and to find inspiration in unlikely places. I feel like in order to do this my mind must have time everyday where is can do all the nothing it wants. It needs a break from the demands I place on it when working and planning. It needs time to be free to think precisely what it wants, however it wants without me constantly nagging it back to focus on mundane tasks like spreadsheets and emails.

As usual this wisdom comes from Bill Watterson through his hilarious comic about a six-year-old boy. Calvin is a big believer in doing nothing more than what you want to do. He constantly tries to get the adults around him to see the unfairness in their demands that he spend his precious time doing things that are not at all fun. I have to say, I completely agree with Calvin on this one.

Unfortunately, I’m an adult, and I have bills that must be paid, so off to work I must go, but maybe there are pockets of time I could find where my mind can be liberated from this prison?

So this week I am going to put my phone down, I am going to step outside, and I am going to let my mind go where it may. I am going to wonder about the trees and the people I see. I am going to think about big questions and little questions. I am going to be curious, and I am going to be awed. I’m going to notice the birds and the clouds and think about where they have come from and where they must go.

This week I am going to do more nothing, and I think you should too!

“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing”

– Lao Tzu


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