In the Beginning There Was Physics, and It Was Good

“In the beginning, there was physics.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Before time existed, it did not, and before there was any place at all there was no place. The human mind cannot fathom this and so we must concern ourselves with only what has come after and what has lead to the existence of us, Homo Sapians, the universe made conscious to observe and experience itself.

In the beginning, 13.8 billion years ago, there was only space and time. Out of no where they were sprung. There were one then, just as they are now, and they spread out all around in the Inflationary Epoch. Hotter than you can imagine,over 10 billion degrees, too hot for anything to exist, there was only energy and the one-unified force. Gradually this cooled ever so slightly and allowed the formation of particles and the beginning of gravity, which would come to dominate over everything.

In the beginning, there was no God, there were only neutrons, protons, electrons, anti-electrons (positrons), photons, and neutrinos. There was no heaven, and there was no hell, but there was in fact light. The very first photons were extremely powerful. The early universe must have looked dazzling as the free electrons scattered it the was droplets in a cloud do. Light was everywhere but there was no one there to see.

When those free electrons were absorbed to form neutral atoms, the Universe suddenly became transparent, but those same photons can still be observed today as the Cosmic Background Radiation.

A great battle would take place between the particles and anti particles. There were the protons and antiprotons. There neutrons and antineutrons. There were electrons and positrons. There were neutrinos and antineutrinos. Even though the photons showed up, they are their own antiparticle. They battled and when pairs met to fight they both were annihilated.

The universe keeps cooling. The last of the antiprotons and antineutrons annihilate with protons and neutrons and in the end there were a few more of one than the other. Protons and neutrons win out over the antimatter and the bask in their victory surrounded by a sea of radiation.

The Universe is just a fraction of a second old.

For minutes the remaining particles interact and interfere with one another, some turn from one type to another. The balance is thrown off and there are protons and neutrons everywhere, and they are hot. They with nothing more than to fuse together but the photons will not allow it. Things keep cooling, it’s been four minutes now and finally the fusion is allowed to begin but just a bit too late to make anything more than hydrogen and helium. The universe must exist for many, many million more years and await the first stars formation until we can get carbon.

At that time there was a grand emergence of the first starts, quasars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and they all moved and formed according to the laws of gravity. They were made and unmade in a cycle that we refer to as the “cosmic evolution”. That phrase is often used to include everything that lead to the formation of life on a tiny blue planet, orbiting an unremarkable star.

Another kind of evolution would begin there and eventually there would emerge a group of beings who refer to themselves as “humankind”. They didn’t know it yet but they were the result of billions of years of matter and forces moving and influencing everything bound within the confines of a space-time that had popped into existence a mere 13 billion years before. These “mankind” would evolve and form an insatiable curiosity for what was out there in space and they would wonder where they came from.

They would make up stories, but those wouldn’t last long. The truth was what they wanted and they discovered math and physics, and they invented telescopes, and they looked deep into space and back into time and saw a glimpses of what had come before….

And it was good.

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

In response to Daily Post’s Blogging U. course, Writing 101 assignment: Hook ’em with a quote


10 Replies to “In the Beginning There Was Physics, and It Was Good”

  1. One attribute of God is that he is the First Cause.

    Without the First Cause, everything just happened all by itself.

    If one truly understands science then one understands that everything just didn’t happen all by itself.

    In fact, science itself is not only evidence of the existence of God, it has proven his existence.


    1. I’m not sure where science has proven the existence of God? Scientist say they do not know what caused the big bang but saying that it is not the same as proof of God.

      Thanks for reading :)


      1. Hi Lisa,

        The Big Bang does indeed present a fatal problem for atheism.

        The Big Bang proves that the universe had a beginning.

        And since it is irrational to believe that everything (the universe) just happened all by itself, that makes the conclusion that there exists a First Cause, rational, reasonable and obvious.

        Nevertheless, scientific proof of the existence of God lies in other areas of science like microbiology.


  2. Such a mind numblingly dopey and self defeating argument….

    Dude, where did your particular god spring from, and who / what caused him / it to pop into existence in order that he / it could cause our universe to……. oh, wait a moment, stuff it, there’s no point, I’ll just get the standard, absurd, stock answer back…..


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