In the Beginning There Was Physics, and It Was Good

10 thoughts on “In the Beginning There Was Physics, and It Was Good”

  1. One attribute of God is that he is the First Cause.

    Without the First Cause, everything just happened all by itself.

    If one truly understands science then one understands that everything just didn’t happen all by itself.

    In fact, science itself is not only evidence of the existence of God, it has proven his existence.


    1. I’m not sure where science has proven the existence of God? Scientist say they do not know what caused the big bang but saying that it is not the same as proof of God.

      Thanks for reading :)


      1. Hi Lisa,

        The Big Bang does indeed present a fatal problem for atheism.

        The Big Bang proves that the universe had a beginning.

        And since it is irrational to believe that everything (the universe) just happened all by itself, that makes the conclusion that there exists a First Cause, rational, reasonable and obvious.

        Nevertheless, scientific proof of the existence of God lies in other areas of science like microbiology.


  2. Such a mind numblingly dopey and self defeating argument….

    Dude, where did your particular god spring from, and who / what caused him / it to pop into existence in order that he / it could cause our universe to……. oh, wait a moment, stuff it, there’s no point, I’ll just get the standard, absurd, stock answer back…..


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